Triple H Talks Scott Hall Throwing Fit Over A Booger, Roman Reigns Tries Riding A Onewheel (Video)

- Above is a clip from WWE Story Time, which premieres tonight after WWE Survivor Series. Triple H tells a story about Scott Hall throwing a fit at a diner because he said he saw the cook throwing a booger in his eggs. He noted that while Hall was throwing a fit, Shawn Michaels was in a daze and Sean Waltman passed out on him. He said that they hurt Waltman's leg while carrying him out of the diner, and he ended up waking up while they were outside.

- Alfred Konuwa's latest Forbes video at this link compares Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to Roman Reigns, and looks at other parallels between WWE Superstars and presidential candidates, including Donald Trump.

- Speaking of Reigns, he posted the video below trying out riding a Onewheel for the first time. He did a pretty good job for his first time:


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