Welcome to Wrestling Inc's live coverage of UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor. Tonight's landmark UFC event takes place in New York City, for the very first time ever at the legendary Madison Square Garden. This is arguably the biggest and most important event, in the history of The UFC. So many years in the making. With arguably the best card from top to bottom ever. The show is headlined by Conor McGregor, as he challenges Eddie Alvarez for the Lightweight Championship.

We'll have quick results of the prelims, and full coverage of the main card. You are welcome to leave your comments and feedback throughout the show. It should be an epic night. Just hit Refresh on your browsers to update the page when the coverage begins.

UFC 205 Prelim Fights

* Women's Bantamweight Fight: (#9) Liz Carmouche (10-5) def. (#14) Katlyn Chookagian (8-1) via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

- Good opener. Chookagian had her chances late but Carmouche controlled the majority of the 3 rounds.

* Catch Weight Fight: Jim Miller (28-8) def. Thiago Alves (26-11) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

- This was originally scheduled as a lightweight fight but Alves failed to make weight. Closely contested fight but Miller got the edge in each round.

* Welterweight Fight: Vincente Luque (11-5-1) def. Belal Muhammad (10-2) via KO/TKO in 1:19 of Round One

- Luque played to the New York crowd after his quick and decisive victory. Talked of losing weight to be a part of this historic show, and how he grew up in New Jersey.

* Middleweight Fight: Tim Boetsch (20-10) def. (#14) Rafael Natal (21-8-1) via TKO in 3:22 of Round One

- The New York Native Natal came out hesitant. Took a big punch early. Started bleeding from his left eye. Boetsch hit a perfect right hook later in the round, that grounded Natal and was finished off with strikes.

* Lightweight Fight: (#2) Khabib Nurmagomedov (24-0) def. (#6) Michael Johnson (18-11) via submission with The Kimura in 3:31 of Round 3

- Michael Johnson showed great heart and an amazing chin in this fight. The fight started off with him on fire. He was winning the battle when both men were on their feet. Displaying his quickness. Once Khabib started losing that battle. He went to what he does best. Grappling. Khabib grounded and pounded Johnson for the rest of the fight. He dominated. Johnson took a beating. This was one of those fights, where you hoped that the ref would stop it. Nurmagomedov is now 24 and 0. He wanted a Lightweight Title bout vs. Alvarez at this event. It's hard to argue against him getting a shot at that championship now. This was an impressive display.

- In the post-fight interview. Joe Rogan wore the blonde afro, that Khabib wore at the weigh ins. Khabib took some shots at The UFC and their PR machine. Started calling out other fighters as chickens. Potentially referring to Alvarez or McGregor. Talked about how he deserves a championship fight. Got Joe Rogan to say that he does.

* Featherweight Fight: (#2) Frankie Edgar (20-5-1) def. (#7) Jeremy Stephens (25-13) via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

- There is a reason why Frankie Edgar is a 7 time fight of the night winner. He was so popular with The MSG crowd tonight and with good reason. He's just so much fun to watch fight. The way, He avoids disaster and he did so in this fight, on several occasions. It's a big reason why, He's never been knocked out and he's never submitted, and he ended this fight swinging. This fight needed to be 5 rounds. Great booking here of two totally different styled fighters. It was so much fun to watch. Edgar controlled the fight but came close to losing on a couple of instances. Specifically in round 2 where Stephens caught him with two big leg strikes.


Women's Bantamweight Fight

(#1) Miesha Tate (18-6) vs. (#8) Raquel Pennington (8-6)

Round 1: Feeling out process early on. Pennington did a great job early countering with jabs. Stunned Tate early. Miesha managed to hit some rib shots and press Pennington against the cage. Miesha tried to attempt a takedown. Pennington actually countered by lifting Tate up by her neck in mid air. Miesha survived what was a dangerous looking position. Hoisted in mid air by her neck. Tate was relentess and got Pennington down. Miesha got her back late in the round. Pennington hits some hard elbows to try and get out of the potential takedown. They ended the round against the cage.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 1 10-9 for Racquel Pennington

Round 2: Pennington starts the round aggressive with more solid jabs to Tate. Racquel continues to feed Tate with jabs. Tate tries a takedown, because she is losing this fight on her feet. Tate pushes Pennington towards the cage. Throws a few knees to her mid section. Pennington tries to take Tate's back but gets elbowed to the head. They trade some shots in a clinched position against the cage. The ref checks to see if Tate is holding on to the cage. Tate grabs hold of Racquel's head and lands a few strong knees. Good strategy by Tate because she can't trade punches with Pennington. She is holding her own in the clinch. As they break free from each other's clinch. Tate gets a good right punch on Pennington, as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 2 10-9 for Racquel Pennington

Round 3: Tate immediately tries to clinch and pull guard on Pennington. Tate tries to clamp on a triangle choke. Pennington tries to battle out with stiff shots but allows Miesha to maintain her positioning. Pennington gets out of Tate's triangle and attempts a choke. Tate manages to roll out and gets back to her feet. Pennington circles away and tries to get a 10 finger guillotine. Tate tries to hook on Pennington's leg. Racquel pops out. Delivers some hard leg kicks to a grounded Tate. Pennington gets Tate's front and tries again for a guillotine. Tate tries for the leg again but can't get it. They end up in a clinch against the cage. Pennington out strikes Miesha and then grounds her. Pennington lands some stiff blows on Tate as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 3 10-9 for Racquel Pennington, making it 30 to 27 for Pennington.

Official Decision: Racquel Pennington (9-6) defeats Miesha Tate (18-7) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

- Classic case of the student being over prepared for her teacher. Tate could not stand up against Pennington. So she went to the grappling game but Pennington was clearly ready for it. Her defense in the guard was terrific.

- News making moment. Miesha Tate announces her retirement. Says that she doesn't have it in her anymore. She thanks the crowd and the fans. Gives credit to Pennington and says that after a decade. It's her time to go.

- Celebrities are shown in the crowd at MSG. Among them. Madonna, Zack Effron and Gordon Ramsey. Amanda Nunes is shown in the crowd after. Classic case of still trying to get her over as a big deal. Which she is, but not at a superstar level yet. Going to need someone to replace Tate and eventually Rousey, as UFC's major female stars.

UFC Middleweight Fight

(#2) Chris Weidman (13-1) vs. (#4) Yoel Romero (11-1)

Round One: Slow pace early in the round. Perhaps because of Weidman's 11 month absence from the octagon. Shaking off rust. They trade some kicks. Weidman comes close to taking down Romero, but he breaks out of it. With 2 minutes left in the round, Weidman gets a few good kicks on Yoel. The two accomplished wrestlers in a striking contest. Weidman starts looking a bit too relaxed nearing the end of the round, and almost gets caught sleeping. Weidman takes down Romero but struggles to keep him down. Chris gets Yoel's back but is unable to capitalize, as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores round 1 10-9 for Chris Weidman

Round Two: Slight controversy at the start, as Romero covers his entire body with water. Gets some boos from the crowd for doing it. Weidman goes for an early takedown. Romero does a good job defending against the takedown. Either that or the water trick worked.... Romero gets a nice inside leg kick. Weidman tries to mix up his kicks by throwing a couple of fake strikes, to throw Romero off. Weidman gets in two nice kicks. Romero claims that his eye was poked. Ref denies him a break initially, but the replay did show, that Weidman accidentally poked him. Weidman nearly takes down Romero but he slips away again. Romero takes down Weidman, trips him and manages to get Weidman's back. He rides him for a while. Weidman almost breaks free but gets grounded. Yoel is all over Chris, as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores Round 2 10-9 for Yoel Romero

Round Three: Both men start off with kicks. Yoel Romero hits a flying knee on Chris Weidman and knocks him out!... Romero gets on Weidman and pounds him. The fight is over. Ref calls it later than he should have. Weidman is badly hurt with a massive gash on his head.

Yoel Romero (12-1) defeats Chris Weidman (13-2) by TKO in :24 of Round Three

Post fight. Romero leaps over the octagon and onto the broadcast table. Weidman eventually gets up and congratulates Romero. He still seems out of it. That was a brutal high knee. As a result of this victory. Romero is now the #1 contender for The UFC Middleweight Championship, held by Michael Bisping. Yoel cuts a split screen promo with Bisping watching from the FS1 broadcast area.... Bisping flips Romero the double bird. Yoel trash talks Bisping incoherently.

UFC Women's Strawweight Championship Fight

(C) Joanna Jedrzejczyk (12-0) vs. (#2) Karolina Kowalkiewicz (10-0)

Round One: Jedrzejczyk avoids Kowalkiewicz's early punch attempts. Joanna counters with inside leg kicks. Everytime, Karolina gets in range. She gets tagged by Joanna. Jedrzejczyk uses combination kicks and punches throughout the round. Karolina gets in a clinch position with Joanna against the cage. She lands knees to her body. Ends up eating an elbow from Joanna to break the clinch. After Joanna continues to hit strikes on Karolina. They both end up in yet another clinch against the cage.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Round Two: We end up back where round one ended. Against the cage but Joanna works her way out of it. Karolina is trying to avoid Joanna's strikes. Without much success. Everytime, she charges in. She gets tagged. Joanna lands a nice elbow, gets Karolina up against the cage, and then trash talks her in Polish. Kowalkiewizcz attempts to take down Jerdzejczyk's but her defense is too strong. Joanna tries a head kick but Karolina catches it. Pushes her up against the cage but Joanna gets out of that position quickly. Hits more kicks, as the round comes to a close.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Round Three: Karolina tries to change up her stance a bit, to avoid the consistent strikes that Joanna is landing on her. The MSG crowd appears restless. This round repeats the same pattern of the last two. Karolina is being out schooled. She's showing toughness but lacking in technique. Karolina is trying to land blows in a clinch against the cage. It's not working for her.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Round 4: Joanna goes inside and outside, alternating strikes upstairs and downstairs. A frustrated Karolina retaliates with her best brief flurry of strikes against Joanna. They end up against the cage again.... All of a sudden, after a lull in the action. Karolina lands big blows against Joanna. The momentum is on her side and the crowd wakes up with Karolina. Joanna is reeling. Tries to take Karolina down. Joanna breaks free from the clinch, tries a head kick but misses. Karolina hits a another nice flurry of strikes. The round ends with Joanna trying to recover. She lands some combos right at the end.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Karolina Kowalkiewicz

Round 5: The crowd applauds both women, before they start the final round. Joanna's nose is damaged big time. It may be broken. She has swelling over her right eye. Joanna hits a good combination of kicks and punches. Karolina continues to press forward despite being hit with so many strikes. They start standing toe to toe, trading blows. Karolina is not backing down. Joanna has a huge swelling growing by her right eye. Looks like a baseball. With a minute left, The women end up clinched in the cage. Karolina goes for a takedown but Joanna's defense and balance is too good. Joanna lands some stiff shots against Karolina. These two polish women go out swinging to end the fight.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Karolina Kowalkiewicz, Scoring the fight 48-47 for Joanna Jdrzejczyk

Official Decision: Joanna Jdrzejczyk (13-0) defeats Karolina Kowalkiewicz (10-1) via unanimous decision 49-46 by all 3 judges to retain The UFC Women's Strawweight Championship

- Joe Rogan interviews both women after the fight. Joanna gives credit to Karolina. Says that this fight proved how tough Polish women are. Karolina is up next. She calls it a hard fight. States that she is very proud and hopes that she can fight in Poland one day. Karolina talks about how she changed positions during the fight several times. Rogan thanks Karolina and both women for a great fight.

- I was really impressed by Karolina. She is not in Joanna's class as a fighter. In terms of overall skill but she kept coming. I was impressed by her heart and determination.

-More celebs shown in the crowd. The 19th actor to play Spider Man. (Ok, maybe third) Tom Holland. Demi Lovato, Hugh Jackman, Nick Jonas among others.

UFC Welterweight Championship Fight

(C) Tyron Woodley (16-3) vs. (#2) Stephen Thompson (13-1)

Round One: "Wonderboy" and "The Chosen One" don't do much early. Thompson's awkward and unorthodox stance has Woodley treading carefully early. His wide leg stance has Woodley trying to pick his spots. Woodley catches Thompson's attempted kick and then grounds him. Tyron is in a mount position on Stephen. Woodley is in control on the ground. Laying on top of Thompson and starts pounding him with liver shots. Tyron has Thompson's leg trapped. He flattens him and triangles his legs. The bell saves Thompson and gets him out of a bad position, but he loses the round. Wonderboy gets bloodied as the round ends. Woodley rains down punches and elbows on him.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-8 for Tyron Woodley

Round Two: Thompson has a cut on the bridge of his nose. As a result of the end of the last round. Thompson gets a good combination of jabs but Woodley closes the distance and clinches with him against the cage. After a minute or so, Thompson breaks free of the clinch. Wonderboy hits a great spinning back kick, that nails Woodley in his midsection. Thompson hits a nice combo of strikes. He has Woodley tentative. Thompson keeps switching stances and Woodley is caught off guard. As round 2 ends.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Stephen Thompson

Round 3: Despite bleeding from his nose. Thompson seems to have found a comfort level. He is winning the standing game. His style is throwing off Woodley's timing. Limiting his aggressiveness. Woodley gets a good leg kick but Thompson counters quickly with two direct blows. They stagger him. Thompson attempts a round house kick but just misses. Woodley is becoming flat footed. Too stationary. Woodley hits a nice ankle kick on Thompson, that nearly knocks him down. The round comes to an end with both some good back and forth punching.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Stephen Thompson

Round 4: Slow chess match between both men to start this round. Woodley finally lands a big blow on Thompson. Grounds him. Thompson is staggering. Woodley goes in for the kill. Grounds him. Starts raining bombs on him. Has Thompson against the cage, Starts landing knees. Woodley now has Thompson in a front face choke. Thompson is scrambling to survive. Woodley still has Thompson's neck, drops down for the guillotine. Thompson is barely hanging on. Trying to angle his way out. The crowd erupts for Thompson. He is deep in a choke but is still fighting. He finds a way to break free!!!.... Amazing moment. Now Wonderboy is on top. He's in the mount position. What a sequence. Unreal. Thompson rains down shots on Woodley. MSG has erupted!... That was freaking awesome.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-8 for Tyron Woodley (Had to score it that way. Despite Thompson's heroism.)

Round 5: Both men high five each other to start the final round. Thompson hits a jumping round kick to start things off. Then hits a nice combo of punches. The pace slows down. Back to standing chess between the two. Thompson attempts another round house, Woodley blocks it. Just 2 minutes left.... Woodley is being very cautious. Thompson is trying to look for an opening. May not find it. Final minute.... Tyron tries to rush in and land some late blows. He is unable to. Thompson tags Woodley with a hard right. Tyron staggers a bit, as the round ends.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-9 for Stephen Thompson, Scoring the overall fight 48-47 for Woodley

Official Decision: Tyron Woodley (17-3) defeats Stephen Thompson (13-2) via majority draw (47-47, 47-47, 48-47) to retain The UFC Welterweight Championship

- Get this. While, Tyron Woodley is being interviewed by Joe Rogan. Dana White interrupts the interview. Bruce Buffer is forced to announce that by virtue of the final score. The fight is ruled a majority draw. Mere technicality, The scores by the judges remain 47-47, 47-47 and 48-47. Woodley retains his title but it's labeled a "majority draw" instead of a split decision. Which is what it was originally announced as.

- Stephen Thompson is interviewed. Says that he wants a rematch in the future at MSG again. The crowd cheers this.

UFC Lightweight Championship Fight

(C) Eddie Alvarez (28-4) vs. (C-FTW) Conor McGregor (20-3)

Round One: Eddie opens the round with two inside leg kicks. Alvarez gets tagged with a left by McGregor and hits the mat. Alvarez rises up quickly but is clearly hurt. The crowd is chanting Ole again. It's been a recurring theme all night. Alvarez misses wildly, gets hit with a left hand and lands on the mat again. Springs back up. Conor hits a big left on Alvarez. Sends Eddie in a state of shock, as he hits the mat again. Conor gets on top and hits some hard over hand shots. Eddie escapes. Both men on their feet. Conor is two steps ahead of Eddie. Hits another left and a knee. Alvarez tries to keep his distance from McGregor. Conor continues to use his right jab to set up his left, and Alvarez is now very weary of it.

Wrestling Inc scores the round 10-8 for Conor McGregor

Round Two: McGregor hits another vicious left hook to start the round. Alvarez is very tentative at this point. It's as if Conor is sparring with him. Alvarez pushes forward and finally lands a decent punch on McGregor, but Conor quickly retaliates with a nice combo of punches. The Ole chant gets louder.... Both men against the cage in the clinch. Conor showing good defense, stopping Eddie's takedown attempts. They are off the cage. Conor hits a flurry of punches on Alvarez. Rocks him. Alvarez hits the mat for the last time. Conor mounts with some good quick and hard punches, and this one is over. Referee calls for the bell.

Conor McGregor (21-3) defeats Eddie Alvarez (28-5) by KO in Round 2 to become The New UFC Lightweight Champion

- I don't know if, I have ever seen Conor look any better. He toyed with Alvarez in this one. As a result of this victory. Conor McGregor is the first man in history to hold The Lightweight and Featherweight Championship at the same time. He is champ now in 2 separate divisions.

-Post match interview with Conor McGregor. He drops some F bombs along the way in his victory speech. Thanks the MSG crowd. Demands his 2nd belt. He is angry that they didn't have it ready for him. Conor says that Eddie is a warrior but that he is not on his level. He says that he has slayed everyone in the UFC. Conor says that he would like to take this chance to "apologize to.... absolutely nobody, because Conor McGregor does whatever the F he wants". Conor finally gets his 2nd belt. Straps both over his shoulders. Poses with the two titles and celebrates with family and friends in the octagon.

Thanks for joining us here tonight at Wrestling Inc.