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- Thanks for joining us for WWE 205 Live. Nice intro video package to showcase the featured superstars and some of the best moments from the Cruiserweight Classic.

- Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves welcome us to 205 Live. Austin Aries is also part of the commentary team as he heals from injury and vows to take the Cruiserweight Title. We get a formal introduction of the entire 205 Live roster. Nice touch to get us familiar with the stars we will be seeing.

- Video package featuring the Sihra brothers, AKA The Bollywood Boyz.

- Let's head to the ring for tag team action.

Bollywood Boyz vs. Drew Gulak & Tony Nese

Cheap shot early from Nese, but Gurv hits a deep arm drag to even the odds. Crisp and quick tag work from the Sihra's for the early advantage. Aries gold so far with the heel commentary. Crowd seems to be hanging around. Gulak in now with a big missile drop kick and goes into his hard nosed offense. Tag made to Nese as a "Bollywood" chant gets started. Crowd gets behind the Boyz, but still unable to make the tag.

Pace is a bit slower than I expected, but it favors the ground and pound heel team in Nese and Gulak. Although if you saw CWC, Nese has a great combo move set of power and aerial assaults. Neck breaker from Harv and is able to make the tag. Gurv turning it into a chop fest. Sihra able to mount some unique offense but met with a slap to the face after being sent to the corner. Sihra hits the skies for a springboard cross body to the outside. His brother attempts to join the party but is mowed over by Nese. Action goes all over the place but the Bollywood Boyz able to get the upper hand. They set up for a double Super Kick, execute, and pin Gulak for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Bollywood Boyz

- After the match, the losing team of Nese and Gulak cut a promo citing ring conditions and lack of geography as reasons for their loss.

- Video package introducing "The Scottish Supernova" Noam Dar.

- Backstage with The Brian Kendrick and Tom Phillips. Kendrick talks about Swann an their match in the main event. Kendrick says he will capitalize on any mistake that Swann makes. Phillips asks Kendrick about the man he beat for the CW Title, TJ Perkins. TJP goes for a bit of mind games and wishes Kendrick good luck, in order to get his shot back at the title.

- Vignette for CWC Finalist, Gran Metalik, who will debut in the coming weeks.

Ariya Daivari vs. Jack Gallagher

Love the way they changed Daivari's hometown after Graves mentioned he was from Minnesota last week. The Extraordinary Gentleman makes his entrance. Little does the crowd know they are in for a treat. Expect lots of hair flips and reversals in this one. As predicted, some fun offense from Gallagher with creative submissions and mustache twirling. Daivari able to finally cinch in a side head lock. Gallagher handstands his way out to a nice pop. Daivari whips Gallagher in the corner but promptly heads into another stand on the top rope. Blocks several attacks with a boot to the face. Daivari goes for a submission, but Gallagher ties Daivari in a knot! Gallagher lines up a shot and sends a swift kick to the behind of Daivari. The Minnesotan by way of Iran has finally had enough and his mean streak kicks in and takes the Englishman down. Gallagher battles out and delivers a pair of beautiful standing drop kicks. Forearm to Gallagher but he gentlemanly wrestler uses his head in the form of a headbutt. Gallagher with a running drop kick to the corner for the pin and win.

Winner via Pinfall: Jack Gallagher

- Video package highlighting the Golden Lynx of Lucha Libre, Lince Dorado, who hails from Puerto Rico. He could be a big star outside the cruiserweight division with his lucha style and being fluent in English and Spanish.

- Main event time for the Cruiserweight Championship. We get video package on Rich Swann, his back story, and his accomplishments in WWE so far.

The Brian Kendrick (C) vs. Rich Swann--WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match

Now being dubbed "The Outlandish" Rich Swann, the challenger gets a nice reaction after the emotional video package that makes you think a title change is coming. Let's see what's in store. Kendrick wearing down Swann early, leaving plenty of room to grow this match. Swann able to slip out, whip combo, and flips over a Kendrick attack and lands a drop kick. Quick cover but just as quick of a kick out from Kendrick. Suplex from Kendrick and sends Swann into the corner. Swann fights out with a bevy of chops loud enough to garner the WOO's from the remaining crowd. Nice power slam combo from Swann but unable to cover after the big move. Pin combos from both men but unable to get more than a one count. Kendrick takes a breather on the outside, but a baseball slide connects from Swann to knock Kendrick off his game. Swann leaps on the barricade and lands a dive on the champ. Back in the ring and both men with stiff shots. Captain's Hook locked in from Kendrick, but Swann able to make the ropes.

High angle belly-to-back suplex from Swann. Kendrick goading Swann in faking an injury. Swann and Kendrick both on the ropes now and Swann taking a look to the outside. Neck breaker from Kendrick to Swann onto the metal part of the turn buckle. Referee checks on Swann before starting the count. Swann back in at a count of eight and Kendrick immediately attacks with a snap suplex. Another suplex from Kendrick and tries to transition into the Captain's Hook but is blocked by Swann. Always the man with a plan, Kendrick turns it into a straight jacket submission.

Swann battles out and hits a modified Michinoku Driver. Swann hits his swift kick. Instead of a cover, Swann goes for his standing 450. Kendrick gets the knees up and transitions straight into the Captain's Hook. Swann makes the ropes and the crowd is officially awake. Both men up top again. Kendrick hits a modified Sliced Bread #2, covers, and Swann kicks out at two! Kendrick incensed and we get a "this is awesome" chant. Three spinning kicks from Swann, makes the cover...one, two, three! Swann is your NEWWW WWE Cruiserweight Champion. Great match.

Winner & New Cruiserweight Champion: Rich Swann

- After the match, Dasha Fuentes interviews Swann in the ring. Swann says the championship represents him and the WWE Universe. He thanks his late mother and dedicates the title win to her.

- Tom Phillips interviews Kendrick. He says the heartbreaking isn't the word for this match. He ironically blames TJ Perkins for playing mind games for his loss.

- Swann celebrates in the ring as we head off the air. Thanks for joining our coverage of the premiere of WWE 205 Live!