WWE Congratulates Bret Hart On Award (Photos)

WWE announced the following today:

Bret Hart receives the 2016 Bob Edwards Award

Bret Hart has been honored as a 2016 Bob Edwards award recipient in Canada.

The Bob Edwards Award Gala is the signature event of the Calgary Public Library Foundation in Canada. The gala aims to raise funds to enhance services and programs offered by the library, which, more than anything, aims to nurture the potential that lives within every child in Calgary.

The Bob Edwards award, named after Calgary's first media celebrity, recognizes "provocative individuals who are not afraid to speak their minds," which, naturally, made Hart a perfect candidate for the honor. "Hit Man" received the award on Nov. 4.

WWE congratulates Hart on this incredible distinction and accomplishment.

Bob Edwards Gala #GalaMania #calgary #publiclibrary

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