Tomorrow (11/11/16) WWE Legend, Tatanka will join The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling for podcast episode number 216. In the following excerpt the former WWE Superstar discusses being brought back into the fold by the WWE , recently signing a “Legends” contract and being asked to compete in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32. Tatanka also comments on if he thinks he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year and what that enshrinement means to former talent. The entire show will be available for download tomorrow on Podomatic, iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Spreaker, Player FM and Tune In Radio.

Appearing at WrestleMania 32:

“It was absolutely awesome. First of all to be at WrestleMania and that alone in any WrestleMania is unbelievable because the energy (laughs) you can feel it and it is amazing. The electricity that is surrounding that event and the build up to the event but more important to be in a stadium that is known all over the world like AT&T Stadium with the Dallas Cowboys and everybody knows the Dallas Cowboys. To be in the monster of an animal and to walk into that building that day and look at the whole city buzzing, highways stopped for allowing WWE families and WWE Superstars to get to the building it was just amazing to see that city come together and the energy that was in the building that night. Until you actually step onto the center-field of that place you can’t realize or feel the impact of how awesome it feels to be on the center of the field in that Stadium.”

Actually getting the chance to compete in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

“It was a great honor for me and it was something that I am going to be remembered for because not only did I come back from many years of not being at a WrestleMania but now I am part of that history. Tatanka is part of that history and everyone that is involved with that event and I mean everyone is part of history now because it broke the indoor attendance record.”

Will Tatanka be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and what does it mean for former stars to be enshrined:

“I think with most guys they don’t wake up every day and say I hope I am in the Hall of Fame but what you do think and being with a company such as WWE and knowing what the success that you’ve had with them in that company and the success that you are continually having with that company than you know that being involved with anything WWE is good for you. Do we always think it would be great to be in the Hall of Fame? Of course we do because it is just another notch in the success of what you have done with that company and again it just puts you in more as a solid foundation and part of the WWE history and when that happens to you it is a great thing. A lot of the Hall of Famers that are already Hall of Famers are out there busy every single week, a lot of them have businesses and their businesses are starting to thrive and be successful away from wrestling and some people are still involved with certain aspects of wrestling like with their own training camps. It’s a good thing of course to be in the Hall of Fame and I don’t think every guy wakes up every day and says I hope I am in the Hall of Fame but I think we all realize to be in the WWE Hall of Fame is a great honor and you being part of the biggest sports-entertainment company of any company worldwide and saying what they did during this time is worthy of being recognized as a Hall of Fame career.”

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