WWE Live Event Results From Berlin (11/9): Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns Defends, More

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Lam Son Vu for sending us these results for tonight's WWE live event in Berlin:

Triple Threat Tag Team Match for the RAW Tag Team Championship
The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) beat Enzo & Cass and Sheamus & Cesaro via pinfall after the Midnight Hour on Enzo. Cesaro & Enzo/Cass get the biggest pop in this match. Everybody booed Sheamus. It was okay, nothing special.

RAW Womens Championship
Charlotte defends vs Sasha Banks via pinfall with her feets on the ropes. Lot of boos for Charlotte. Sasha wasn't over as normal. Nice pop but not so loud as expected. Match was solid. Nothing special and not great as their TV matches.

8-Man Tag Team Match
Golden Truth, Neville & Darren Young beat Shining Stars, Titus O'Neil & Bo Dallas via pinfall after the Red Arrow on Titus. This match was pretty good. Everybody was on fire especially Goldust.

Body Slam Match
Braun Strowman beat Big Show. Long match. Both showed some technical skills with kip ups and rolling throw an arm wrench. Big Show delivered a Chokeslam after the match.

WWE United States Championship
Roman Reigns defended vs Rusev via pinfall after the Spear. Rusev attacks Reigns before the ring bell. Good match. Some boos but a lot of cheers for Reigns. Biggest reaction so far.

10 Min Intermission

Tag Team Match with Special Referee Emma
Bayley & Alicia Fox beat Nia Jax & Dana Brooke via pinfall on Dana after the Scissors Kick. Dana didn't want to leave the ring and got in Emma's face. Emma delivered a Butterfly Suplex. Nice pop for Bayley. Match was ok.

Sami Zayn beat Chris Jericho via pinfall after the Blue Thunder Bomb. Big pop for Y2J but not as loud as Reigns. Nice try of Y2J to talk German. Crowd was hot on Zayn's theme. Sami stole the scarf and played around. Nice match but not as good as their TV matches.

Main Event: WWE Universal Championship Street Fight Match
Kevin Owens defended vs Seth Rollins via pinfall after a low blow with the kendo stick + roll up. Action started with a chair duel, had 2 table spots (Running Powerbomb on Owens, Back Suplex Throw on Rollins). Y2J costs Seth the Title again. Roster came out to celebrate Y2J 46. Birthday & KO even sings for his best friend but Seth throws the cake into Y2J. Match was Solid.

Biggest pop:
1. Seth Rollins
2. Roman Reigns
3. Kevin Owens/Chris Jericho

Biggest Boos:
1. KO/Y2J
2. Rusev
3. Charlotte

The Mercedes Benz arena wasn't sold out. Lot of seats were not filled especially in the main tribune. Crowd was hot but didn't know the main chants like Fight Owens Fight.


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