WWE NXT Results (11/2): Dusty Classic Action Featuring SAnitY, Authors Of Pain, Ibushi/Perkins, More

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- Tom Phillips welcomes us to NXT and sends it to Charly Caruso for updates regarding the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. We will get footage of all four Round 2 match-ups.

Roderick Strong (w/ Austin Aries) vs. Shane Thorne (w/ Nick Miller of TM-61) (2nd Round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic)

This one takes place from San Jose, CA on the recent NXT tour. Aries comes out in street clothes. His injury earlier in the tour in a match with Shinsuke Nakamura will prevent him from competing. Aries takes off his glasses to reveal nasty looking eye injury. Mr. Regal comes out and makes a match pitting Roderick Strong vs. Shane Thorne. The winner of the singles match will have their team move on to the next round.

Thorne with some athletic chain wrestling sending Strong into a whip that leads to a drop kick. Upon taking the advantage, he leaps for a standing moonsault. Thorne heads to the top, but Aries provides a distraction for Strong to drop Thorne back down to rope level. Strong picks up Thorne for a back breaker onto the turnbuckle as we head to break.

Back from the short break and Strong still has the upper hand. Strong goes for a splash in the corner but Thorne gets a boot up. Back in the middle of the ring and Strong sends a chop that rings loudly through the arena. Strong off the rope but is met with a gorgeous drop kick from Thorne. Nice match going on as Strong lives up to his back breaker mantra and delivers one to the lower back of Thorne. Both men up top now. Thorne sends Strong hanging from the rope a la Del Rio and sends down a double stomp. Not to be outdone, Strong lands a big knee to the side of Thorne's face. They both go at it strike for strike in the middle of the canvas and Thorne hits a huge Falcon Arrow for a two. Sit-out power bomb from Thorne. He covers, but the official gets distracted by Aries. Strong sends a flying knee that connects and gets a two. Another Aries distraction sends Strong's attention to the outside and allows Thorne to roll up Strong the three and the win. TM-61 advances.

Winner via Pinfall: Shane Thorne (TM-61 Advances)

- After taking a look at a preview for NXT Toronto, we find out that Nakamura/Samoa Joe contract signing will be next week. After the announcement, we head straight back to the ring for more Dusty Classic action.

#DIY vs. The Revival (2nd Round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic)

Yet another injury angle as Scott Dawson comes out on crutches. He says he has a plethora of knee injuries that will prevent him from competing tonight according to "Doctor's" orders. The much anticipated rematch won't be happening tonight. Dash takes the mic and says this is a gift and golden ticket into the next round and it saves #DIY the embarrassment of losing to them again.

Winners via Forfeit: #DIY

- Backstage with Cedric Alexander. He says being in NXT has been a learning experience, and that's thanks to Andre "Cien" Almas. He says he'd like to thank Almas for that experience in the ring anytime, any place.

- Backstage with #DIY. They say they aren't surprised that The Revival pulled out of the tournament to avoid them.

- Back to Charly Caruso who breaks down the #DIY/Revival interaction and we get a look at the updated bracket of the Dusty Classic. We go back to coverage of the Dusty Classic that took place in California.

Rich Swann & No Way Jose vs. Authors of Pain (2nd Round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic)

The dancing team are O-V-E-R in San Jose as they take on the destructive behemoths of AOP. Paul Ellering leads his team out to some solid heat. Akum wastes no time in taking down Jose down, but he dances away from some big offense. Jose able to work the big man into his corner and tags in Swann. Rezar gets the tag after Akum quickly kicks out of a roll-up pin attempt. Swann hits a big right hand and it doesn't face Rezar one bit. Swann not making the best of decisions, but able to mount some offense. Swann gets caught off the apron to the outside, but Jose hits the top rope and takes out everyone. Ellering gives his team some advice and it's business as usual as they start beating down the faces. The pace is slowed considerably. Ellering being the heel genius manager he is, chokes Swann on the ropes as Rezar has the referee's attention. Swann put in a crucifix hold of sorts. He slips out and hits a super kick to get some space, but is unable to make the tag. Enziguri to the big man and Swann makes the tag. Jose comes in with a house of fire and Swann takes out Rezar on the outside. Jose hits a TKO on Akum but kicks out at two. Jose seems to be improving every week. Swann taken out on the outside and Jose looks out for his buddy. This lets AOP make a tag and set up their finisher for the win. Fun tag match. No way that Jose would get the win in San Jose.

Winners via Pinfall: Authors of Pain

- It looks like this will be an all Dusty Classic edition of NXT. We will watch TJ Perkins and Kota Ibushi take on Sanity after the break. Next week's action will include #DIY vs. Authors of Pain in the semi's of the Dusty Classic.

TJ Perkins & Kota Ibushi vs. SAnitY(Alexander Wolfe & Sawyer Fulton) (2nd Round Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Intricate and slick editing, as Perkins comes out sans his title belt and is not announced as Cruiserweight Champ, whereas he had both of those in previous round, which I believe was taped at the same time. Ibushi out to a solid reaction as well. Will be interesting to see how a team like SAnitY gets over with Eric Young at the helm.

Wolfe and Ibushi get us started. Wolfe grounds Ibushi immediately with a wrenching side headlock. Ibushi tries to fight out but is met with a big right hand from the German superstar. Ibushi finally gets some offense in with his trademark strikes. Ibushi makes the tag and Perkins gets caught right off the bat. Able to slip out, Perkins locks in the knee bar, but Wolfe able to make the tag. Knee bar cinched in on Fulton, but the big men able to drag the smaller Perkins to make the tag once again. Ibushi back in after he and Perkins lay in some tandem offense. We head to break.

Back from break and Perkins and Fulton are in. Fulton pins Perkins in the corner, but the wrong corner, and TJP makes the tag. Dual drop kick from Perkins and Ibushi. Ibushi hits the big triangle moonsault. Perkins goes to the air as well but is caught by Fulton. Perkins slammed into the apron and is sent back in the middle of the ring where Fulton lands splashes to the back. Tag made to Wolfe and a power slam on Perkins from Fulton on to Wolfe's knees. Action slows down as Wolfe has Perkins pegged down. Crowd getting behind TJP but he's still clamped by Wolfe's hold. Perkins tries to make it to the corner but is sent directly to the knee of Wolfe. Tag made to Fulton after a slam/knee strike combo that leads to a two count. SAnitY seems to have an appetite for the ring as they've chowed down on the ring ropes and tag ropes. Big bear hug applied by Fulton to TJP. Perkins able to get out of the hold and make a tag to Ibushi. Kicks rain down from the Japanese sensation. Ibushi connects with the Golden Star Power Bomb and seemingly gets a three count, but EY and company have the official distracted. During the distraction, Fulton hits a drive-by forearm to send Ibushi out of commission. Tag made and SAnitY hits their double team finisher for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY

- We take a look at highlights from the match and the updated Dusty Classic brackets as we head off the air.


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