WWE Talking Smack Recap (11/22): Guests James Ellsworth, American Alpha And Baron Corbin

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Renee Young opens this week's show with co-host, Smackdown Live GM, Daniel Bryan. They both talk about James Ellsworth defeating AJ Styles in a ladder match to earn a contract with Smackdown Live. Bryan says that the fans love watching James Ellsworth. Daniel mentions that James wanted a WWE Title match against Styles, if he were to win tonight, and since he did. Bryan will talk to Shane about that possibility.

The next topic of conversation is The Survivor Series. Bryan says that overall, He was disappointed. Daniel says that he wanted everyone to work together, and even though, The Smackdown Men's team won. Bryan feels that they failed to get everyone on the same page. Bryan then talks about feeling regret for putting Shane McMahon in that match. How Shane's wife and son were at ringside. How they watched Shane get seriously hurt on Roman Reigns mid-air spear. Renee and Daniel talk about the condition, Shane was in, when he got back to the dressing room. Bryan says that watching Shane in that condition in front of his family, That it nearly put him in tears.

Renee then asks about Nikki Bella's attack at The Survivor Series. Asking Bryan, who he thinks attacked Nikki. Daniel Bryan jokingly says that it was Goldberg.

Renee asks Daniel what he thought of Goldberg's victory over Brock Lesnar sunday... Bryan admits that he has given the Attitude Era stars on Raw, a lot of crap. He admits that the fans were so excited for that match. How Goldberg-Lesnar had a special aura surrounding it. Bryan admits that he got as emotional for that match, as he did for Shane McMahon on sunday, but for a different reason. Bryan says watching Goldberg perform in front of his son and wife, made him tear up. He loved the scene of Goldberg's son coming into the ring to pose with his father..... Bryan puts over Bill Goldberg as a human being. Says that people don't realize how good of a human being that Goldberg actually is. That Goldberg does so many charitable acts without publicity or fanfare. Bryan says that Goldberg goes around giving gifts to children in need. That he does so much for the community in Atlanta. Bryan says that he respects him greatly... He then goes on to say that he feels like, he has failed because they haven't gotten Smackdown Live stars over to the level of Goldberg. This comment surprises Renee.... Daniel says that he can picture Goldberg in the main event of WrestleMania 33. He wants to be able to picture one of The Smackdown Live stars the same way. Bryan wants to see talents like Styles and Ambrose get the same reaction that Goldberg does.

Renee then asks Daniel about his thoughts on Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt being the sole survivors at The Survivor Series. Daniel admits that he did not see that one coming. Bryan says that he thought initially that Randy Orton joining The Wyatt Family, was just a ploy. That Randy was borrowing from his old playbook. Now he realizes that Randy is legitimately with Bray after Orton's actions sunday. How Orton took a bullet for Bray on sunday.

American Alpha joins the show. Renee kind of flirts with Jason Jordan. Talks about how muscular he looks in his shirt. Gets him to show more of his chest.... Renee asks Alpha, how they feel about winning The Tag Team Turmoil match tonight. Jordan and Gable state that they should have a world tag title shot already. That The Wyatt family should have competed in tag team turmoil. Rather than just showing up on the big screen to challenge them. Alpha questions Daniel Bryan about the reasoning behind this. Bryan admits that he doesn't "call all the shots" on Smackdown Live... Daniel nervously laughs off that comment....

American Alpha is asked about their preparation for The Wyatts next week. Gable says that Randy Orton taking a spear for Bray will be nothing compared to the multiple spears, that he will get from Jordan next week. Gable states that The Wyatts are getting something next week, that they didn't earn. How they don't deserve a shot at being #1 contenders. Jordan says that he and Gable are more like brothers than Orton and Wyatt are... Daniel Bryan talks about how impressed, he was with Alpha during the European tour. Bryan puts over their bulldog move in Smackdown tonight in The turmoil match.

When American Alpha leaves the show, The next topic of conversation is Baron Corbin. How he cost Smackdown Live the cruiserweight division. Bryan calls Baron Corbin selfish. Daniel feels that The Cruiserweight Division is underutilized on Raw and that Smackdown Live would have been the prefect home for that division. Renee agrees with Daniel. Bryan puts over Rich Swann's background. Says that most people only know about his dancing. Bryan talks about How Swann's mom and dad died when he was a young man. How he lived alone when he was a teenager.... Bryan says that he couldn't even make himself a sandwich when he was 15 years old. He says that Rich Swann got into the drug culture when he was a teenager, and what saved him from that lifestyle, was pro wrestling. Bryan calls Rich an incredible human being. Bryan talks about how close, he got to all the talents in the division. Bryan then talks about how being small works against you in the business. How Raw doesn't do a good job of getting the audience to know the cruiserweights personally. Bryan talks about how this is a star driven business. How fans buy to see stars not just great matches. How the talents in the cruiserweight division, need to be focused on for their backgrounds and personalities.

Bryan gets back to ripping on Baron Corbin. How he is out for himself. Baron Corbin joins the show. Corbin goes right after Bryan verbally. Takes issue with Bryan punishing him, by pitting him against Kane. Then criticizes Bryan for allowing Kalisto to interfere in his match.. Bryan calls out Corbin for his hypocrisy. How he has done the same exact thing. Bryan tells Corbin, that he cost SD Live, The Cruiserweight Division. Baron says that he did the show a favor. Says "Why do you want those little kids here"... Doing flips and tricks... Corbin says that people at home want to see stars like Goldberg, Lesnar and himself rather than the cruiserweights. Corbin says that kids at home don't want to be like the cruiserweights... Daniel responds by saying, that when he was a kid. He wanted to be Dean Malenko. Bryan says that he looked up to Dean because he could do things that Hulk Hogan and Goldberg could never do. Bryan says that he identified with Dean more than those other stars.

Daniel goes on to say that The WWE isn't just "One size fits all".... Corbin disagrees. That it is one size fits all. How if you put "little kids" in the ring with him. How he dominates them. Bryan disputes Corbin by telling him that Kalisto at only 5'3, beat him up on Smackdown Live. Bryan books Corbin vs Kalisto in a chairs match at The TLC PPV. Corbin says that he is going to get paid to repeatedly hit Kalisto with a chair. Corbin tells Bryan to be prepared to call Kalisto's parents after he beats him badly. To tell them, that Kalisto is coming home for good.

Corbin walks off the set.... Bryan tells Renee that Kalisto is the one who requested the Chairs match vs Corbin backstage. Says that Kalisto idiolized Rey Mysterio and wants to prove himself... Bryan goes back to defending the cruiserweights. Says that they are not just about flips. How Kendrick and Drew Gulak are mat wrestlers and the wrestlers who do "the flips" are all great athletes..... Bryan admits that Baron Corbin is a dangerous man and realizes that he can do serious damage to Kalisto, but that he has a lot of heart and believes in him.

James Ellsworth joins the show with his new contract in hand. James is wincing in pain. Bryan has Ellsworth sign the contract officially. James calls it a 5 year old boy's dream come true.

Renee asks James, how it felt to be a hero at The Survivor Series. James says that it was his 1st WWE PPV, and he felt that he needed to do something for the team. Bryan compliments Ellsworth for showing up today after the beating, He took from Braun Strowman. Renee brings up that James and Dean Ambrose will be on ESPN tomorrow night. James quotes Stone Cold Steve Austin. States that he is in The WWE to be the world champion. That there is no other reason to be in the WWE, than to achieve that. James is excited about his potential future title opportunity against AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan and Renee Young do an Ellsworth chant to end the show.


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