X-Pac And Lilian Garcia On Why WWE Implemented Dress Code, Linda McMahon In Donald Trump's Cabinet

Lilian Garcia and Sean Waltman aka X-Pac came on The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro and discussed WWE, Lilian's new podcast, politics and more. They sent us these highlights:

X-Pac and Lilian endorse Linda McMahon for office:

X-Pac: "Talk of Linda McMahon being in the administration, Trump administration...It's probably true, I mean she was very active in Trump's campaign."

Lilian: "Oh I love her, I love Linda."

When asked if they would want her in office, they responded:

X-Pac & Lilian: "Yes."

X-Pac: "Yes, absolutely."

Lilian announces her first guests for her 2 new podcasts new week (Making Their Way to the Ring w/ Lilian Garcia & Luchando con Lilian Garcia – the first spanish speaking wrestling podcast!) :

"For Luchundo, I'm going to have Rey Mysterio...I'm very excited, because we get to do the whole thing in Spanish, and Rey is like the guy...in the Spanish world...even beyond the Spanish"

"And for "Making Their Way into the Ring", being the first female I really wanted to stick to females at least for the first month or so, and Brie Bella is going to be the first guest...Total Divas is actually kicking off on the 16th, and they just finished Total Bellas last week. And she just became pregnant, and we're going to talk about that, and leaving WWE."

X-Pac and Lilian discuss WWE's past dress code

Lilian: "What happened was, after a while there was the, "oh ok we'll dress casually but nice, we're traveling" and that kind of thing. Then the guys started coming with? cut off shorts, obnoxious comments on t-shirts and stuff and that was when Vince McMahon was like, "that's it. You guys represent this brand of WWE, we call you superstars but you're not dressing as a superstar."?he said, "once you leave the house, you're representing the brand, then through the airport, you know, anywhere you're traveling, wherever, I want you to be dressing up nicely." And you know the guys definitely and the girls, whatever, we were like "what??" because? we kept saying, "alright, I totally get it, and I always look nice."...But like for the females, we dressed in high heels shoes, whatever,and we're driving like 2,300 miles. And I drove by myself a lot...So I'm thinking holy crap, what if something happens to me on the side of the road and I'm dressed like a little, you know."

X-Pac: "NBA players are pampered. I don't give two s–ts what anyone says, they're pampered and we are f–king pirates. We rent our own cars, we pay for our own hotels, our own food. It's way f–kin' different? My personal policy was to dress and look like a star when I left the house, but, you know, if I didn't, I'll be damned if I'm going to have somebody take my money because of it. That's bulls–t."

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