Chris Featherstone of The Inquisitr passed along a new article about Abyss, who discussed turning down a WWE offer in 2006 on a recent episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. Abyss not only confirmed that he had no regrets, but he stated that it was a “pretty easy decision” to make.

“There was interest from [WWE]. I was at a time in my career where my contract was coming up,” Abyss said. “But I decided to stay with TNA? It was definitely an offer there in 2006 to work with Undertaker, but again, I was such a big part of the beginning of TNA, I was such a home-grown talent, a base talent who they were building around, I decided to stay. I have no regrets, to be honest with you. Like I said, TNA has been my home and treated me so good, so in the end it was a pretty easy decision for me to make, and I’ve never looked back.”

Abyss has been with TNA since 2002. He wrestled on their first pay-per-view in 2002 as “Justice” in the Gauntlet For The Gold match to crown a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, which was won by Ken Shamrock. He debuted in TNA as Abyss in 2003.

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