Alexa Bliss Comments On TLC Win, Top 10 Finisher Reversals (Video), Survivor Series Travel Packages

- As seen above, WWE released a new "Top 10" video showing off the most amazing finisher reversals. It includes Eddie Guerrero reversing Brock Lesnar's F-5 and Randy Orton's incredible reversal of Seth Rollins' Blackout at WrestleMania 31. Lesnar reversing Undertaker's tombstone into an F-5 to end the streak at WrestleMania 30 topped the list.

- As noted, Survivor Series 2017 travel packages go on sale tomorrow, December 6th, at 12pm ET. The packages include tickets to Survivor Series, Raw, SmackDown LIVE, NXT TakeOver, as well as hotel accommodations. WWE said they would be putting together these travel packages for their "Big 4" PPVs going forward.

- After winning the SmackDown Women's Champion against Becky Lynch on Sunday night at TLC, Alexa Bliss tweeted this out about her big win.


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