Alexa Bliss Talks WWE Restricting Female Performers In The Past, Winning The Title, More

The Oakland Press entertainment recently caught up with WWE SmackDown Women's champion Alexa Bliss to promote tonight's SmackDown. During the interview, Alexa talked about WWE restricting female performers in the past, how cheerleading helped her and more. Below are some highlights.


WWE restricting female performers in the past:

"I remember even when I started with WWE, it was a different ball game. There were all these restrictions and things we couldn't do, and now, it's really empowering to know we can do anything that we want and what the guys can do. It gives women the opportunity to show why we're more than divas and why we're WWE superstars."

Winning the title:

"It was amazing! My parents were there. It was their first WWE event, so that was so cool to be able to have the opportunity to win a title with my family there. It was such an amazing moment, especially in this whole era of women empowering and making history."

Alexa also talked about watching wrestling when she was young, how cheerleading helped her wrestling career and more. You can read the full interview here.


Source: The Oakland Press