Backstage News On WrestleMania 33 Feud, Why WWE Postponed Bayley Vs Charlotte, Vince - Sasha Banks

Regarding Bayley vs. RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, WWE officials wanted to do the feud earlier this year but they postponed it as they want it to peak at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

It appears the first big match between the two will take place at the Royal Rumble from The Alamodome next month. It was noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE officials feel Bayley is more over as a babyface than Sasha Banks.

Vince McMahon has not been high on Sasha for various reasons and her title reign was never meant to be a long one. The feeling is that Charlotte is the better heel and the money program is with Bayley vs. Charlotte.

Source: F4WOnline


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