Baron Corbin On SmackDown Being Superior To RAW, Which Veterans Help Him Backstage, Talking Smack

Baron Corbin recently spoke with Jonathan McLarty of The Flagship in Norfolk, VA to promote Saturday's WWE live event. The full interview is at this link and highlights are below:

How he feels SmackDown is superior to RAW:

"I think that we have a lot of competitors that are hungry for opportunity. There's a fire on SmackDown Live that I don't think Raw has. I think Raw is complacent in the fact that Raw's been the flagship of WWE. Smackdown wants to be number one. When you're handed a show like Raw that is the flagship of a company, you can be lazy. I believe we have created something very special and people really enjoy what we have."

Talking Smack making up for the third hour of RAW and allowing Superstars to show their true personalities:

"One-hundred percent. You walk on there and you have no idea what you're walking in to. Everything is very pure, everything is raw. It's an opportunity to be yourself and put yourself out there. That's how you come across special things. When things come out real, you find that special thing that latches on and launches you all the way to the top."

Who he goes to backstage to talk over his ideas:

"We have amazing people that help us backstage, and Arn Anderson is someone I always like to look to. He's a legend in his own right. Fit Finlay, and guys like that, who can work with you and tailor who you are and what you're doing in the ring, are unbelievable. I believe that we connect because we have a similar attitude that blue-collar grind mentality. Arn is a guy who helps me out quite a bit to hone in on how I can be at the top of my game. Arn and Fit are some of the best bad guys who have ever come across a wrestling ring."

Check out the full interview with Corbin at this link.

Source: Norfolk Navy Flagship


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