Big Change In WWE Creative, Eva Marie Photo Shoot, New WWE Performance Center Recruit (Video)

- As seen above, one of the WWE Performance Center's newest recruits, Taynara Melo de Caralho, was introduced by her fellow countrymen Cesaro Bononi and Adrian Jaoude. Taynara has a black-belt in judo. The 21 year old had a tryout with the WWE earlier in the year and also practices jiu-jitsu.

- According to today's Wrestling Observer Daily Update, there was a change in WWE creative when Tom Casiello was let go. Casiello was the managing lead writer, who oversaw the Raw & SmackDown writing teams. It's noteworthy that he was a key person who was very influential in the push of the women wrestlers of late.

- Eva Marie posted on her Instagram about her recent photo shoot with Millennium Magazine. She noted it's the first time she did a magazine shoot with her dark hair and the spread will be out in December.


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