Big Damo Talks Working In Europe And United States, Who He Looked Up To, How His Schedule Changed

WWE star Big Damo was interviewed by the Belfast Live recently. Damo talked about the different between wrestling in Europe and United States, how his scheduled changed and more. Below are some highlights.


Difference between wrestling in Europe and United States:

"There are some very subtle differences between wrestling in Europe and the United States. The rules are very similar but the biggest difference is how grand it is. In Europe I wrestled in front of up to 4,000 people but on the WWE network I've wrestled in front of millions."

The wrestlers he looked up to:

"I look up to numerous people. Obviously Robbie Brookside, William Regal, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena among so many others. But since I was about 12 I've mostly looked up to Dave Finlay from Carrickfergus. He successfully made the jump to the US in the 90s for WCW. But even before then his matches in Britain and Germany were phenomenal. He married a really brutal, rugged style with fluid wrestling and if I could be even 50% of his ability then I will be very, very good at what I do!"


How his scheduled changed:

"I maybe wrestled two or three times a week when I was in Europe. But now pretty much every day is wrestling-related, one way or another. Even on a day off I find myself continually thinking about it. It's on the top of your mind at all times. There's always a way to improve and I think I'm more aware of that now than I've ever been."

Big Damo also talked about his Christmas and watching wrestling as a youngster. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Belfast Live