Brie Bella Reveals Cryotherapy Obsession (Video), WWE Matches Of The Year, Trish Stratus And Lita

- Above is a new video from The Bella Twins' YouTube channel with Brie Bella talking about her latest obsession - cryotherapy.

- WWE Network has two new "Collections" going live this week, according to WWENetworkNews, one on Matches of the Year and one on WWE Hall of Famers Lita and Trish Stratus. Full details are below:

Trish and Lita: Evolutionary

Introducing Lita 02/13/2000
WWE Gets Stratusfied 03/19/2000
An Xtreme Encounter 06/22/2000
Teaming with Headliners 07/31/2000
Litas Golden Opportunity 08/21/2000
McMahon Family Affair 02/25/2001
United We Stand 07/22/2001
Trish's Golden Opportunity 11/18/2001
Lita Challenges Trish 11/19/2001
In Action on The Grandest Stage 03/17/2002
Trish Gets Hardcore 11/17/2002
Trish Triumphs in Triple Threat 03/30/2003
Lita Returns!!! 09/15/2003
Reunited and Unforgiven 09/21/2003
The First Womens Cage Match 11/24/2003
Bad Blood Bleeds Gold 06/13/2004
The Main Event 12/06/2004
Trish Challenges Lita 01/09/2005
Accept No Imitations 01/08/2006
A Twist of Fate 08/14/2006
Record-Breaking Farewell 09/17/2006
Litas Last Run 11/05/2006
A Stratusfying Induction 04/06/2013
Inducting a Bestie 04/05/2014
Trish and Lita Intro 12/05/2016

WWE Match of the Year

Rumbling with a Lunatic 01/24/2016
An American Revival in Dallas 04/02/2016
Nakamura Arrives!!! 04/02/2016
The Revolution Steals the Show 04/03/2016
Four Men, One Opportunity 04/04/2016
An Extreme Fatal 4-Way 05/22/2016
THE Guy and The Phenomenal One 05/22/2016
Good Friends, Better Enemies 07/24/2016
Good Enemies, Better Friends 08/03/2016
We Saw Cedric! 08/10/2016
Revival Will Do It For You 08/20/2016
Nakamura Challenges Samoa Joe 08/20/2016
A Clash of Styles 08/21/2016
The Architect Meets The Demon 08/21/2016
Universal Game Changer 08/29/2016
A Phenomenal Backlash 09/11/2016
The Grand Semi-Finale 09/14/2016
Match 7 09/25/2016
The Boss Goes For Gold 10/03/2016
Career vs Title 10/09/2016
WWE Match of the Year Intro 12/05/2016


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