Bruce Prichard On Sunny's Relationship With HBK, Her Issues With Sable, Backstage Fight With HOFer

On episode 18 of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, the professional wrestling veteran talked about Tammy Sytch, also known as Sunny, and her WWE run. Among other things, Prichard discussed Sytch's relationship with Shawn Michaels, whether she was jealous of Sable, also known as Rena Mero, her getting in a physical altercation with Paul Bearer, and not thinking she is a good person.


According to Prichard, there was a lot of talk behind-the-scenes about a relationship between Michaels and Synch and the couple did not do a good job hiding it.  

"There were rumor and innuendo all over the place about her relationship with Shawn. Oh God, I don't know, but I mean, everybody was talking about it. It's not like they were hiding it. She probably thinks they were hiding it well."

Prichard continued, "everybody suspected it, there were a lot of rumor and innuendo about it, and they didn't hide their affection in public. It was very obvious and the general sentiment of the locker room and everybody else was more of not, 'oh my God, they're over there f–king' was 'poor Chris [Candido]' because it just put Chris in a bad light. It put him in a horrible, awkward position."


Prichard professed that Candido was aware of the affair and chose to do nothing about it.

"He definitely, I mean, suspected it and he definitely heard the rumors, and definitely was internally battling it constantly on a daily basis. Jesus Christ, being there, you felt horrible for him because you want to shake him. Well, he could have walked away from her and walked away from the situation." Prichard added, "he knew. He definitely knew. And it ate him up."

In Prichard's estimation, Candido failing to confront the issue made the situation worse.

"The fact that he did nothing, people got to the point where they stopped feeling sorry for him and were kind of like, 'okay, dumbass, if you're not going to do anything, you're going to let this little girl run all over you and do this s–t in your face, then you don't deserve anybody to feel bad for you because you're letting it happen and you're not doing anything about it.'"

Prichard said, "[doing] nothing basically made the situation worse for [Candido] and the way the guys looked at him. And then, it became the viewpoint of Sunny and Shawn, kind of like, 'well, the boyfriend doesn't care. Why should we care?'"

Prichard stated that "there was a lot of jealousy" from Sytch when Sable came in. Moreover, 'Brother Love' claimed that Sable outperformed Sytch in many areas.


"Sunny was the first, but, man, all of a sudden, that newer model came along and it was like, 'ruh roh', so I would debate the jealousy thing. I think it was pretty much 99.5% jealousy."

Prichard recalled, "[Sable] was the hottest thing and she was outselling Sunny. She did outsell Sunny and she was blowing her out of the water as far as merchandise sales and everything else. So all of a sudden, there is competition and there's a new, hotter babe in town and you've got the one [Sunny] that has been here a few years and she's not showing up on time, she's not coherent a lot and all of that other good stuff. So now you've got the new model here. And Rena's new, she's, A), willing to do anything, and she's up. And, by the way, the reaction she gets when she walks out there [is huge]. Yes."

Prichard shared that Sytch and fellow WWE Hall Of Famer Paul Bearer once got into a physical altercation backstage.

"Paul hated her. Paul absolutely [hated her]. Yeah. Paul hated Tammy. And, well, they got into a physical confrontation at a TV [taping] one time. And they got into a, I like to call it a 'pinch fight'. Well, it was kind of like two little kids slapping at each other. And Paul didn't want to hit her, but he didn't want her hitting him. And people got involved and got her the hell out of there."


While Prichard said he would like to think that all people are good people deep down, Sytch is not a good person.  

"I don't think she is a good person. I truly want to believe that everyone is a good person deep down, I really do, but some people aren't, like the asshole that poisoned dogs this week and killed them. I think that's a bad person. She may be in a category of being a bad person."

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