Cathy Kelley On AJ Styles' Wardrobe Malfunction, Nikki Bella In The Gym (Video), Bray Wyatt, Stock

- Above is a new video with Nikki Bella doing a 45-minute treadmill session before this week's WWE SmackDown. Nikki says she usually tries to burn 400 calories and promises more workout tips to come on The Bella Twins' new YouTube channel.

- WWE stock was up 2.70% today, closing at $19.96 per share. Today's high was $19.98 and the low was $19.49.

- WWE Shop has released a new "I Am Fear" t-shirt for SmackDown Tag Team Champion Bray Wyatt.

- Cathy Kelley looks at reactions to WWE World Champion AJ Styles suffering a backside wardrobe malfunction at TLC on Sunday:


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