Cody Rhodes On Possibly Going Back To WWE, Joining The Bullet Club, If Wrestlers Need WWE, More

The Newest member of Bullet Club, Cody Rhodes was interviewed by Rolling Stone recently. During the interview, Rhodes talks about joining Bullet Club, wrestlers not needing WWE and more. You can read some highlights below.

Joining Bullet Club:

"Crystal clear. The "American Nightmare" rides with the Bullet Club. I think it's just a name that fits me. I believe in the cream rising. I believe in hard work. But I believe in vindication as well. You have a few nightmares I imagine before you reach your dream."

Wrestlers not needing WWE:

"The part that shocks me the most is that professional wrestlers today do not need WWE. WWE is the biggest, most wonderful company, and they have WrestleMania, so almost any professional wrestler is going to seek that goal. However, it's no longer needed, because in the era of social media and streaming, wrestling fans have more options than they've ever had."

Going back to WWE:

"I don't know the full answer as to where I'm going. I wish I knew. My wife asked me the other day, "What if they called you and said, 'Come back at the Royal Rumble'?" I said, "No, I don't think I'd be interested in that." She said, "What if they said, 'Come back at the Royal Rumble, and make it about you and Triple H and head to WrestleMania with that'?" And then my answer really changed. Maybe in my heart, the end game is to go back to WWE, but it's definitely not in the forefront of my mind. Each time I go out there, I find out a little bit more about where I'm ultimately happy being.

Cody also talked about his father, Ricochet, ROH Final Battle and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Rolling Stone


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