Cody Rhodes On Pulling Over After Daniel Bryan Tirade On Dusty's Commentary, Dusty As A Father

Recently on The Art Of Wrestling, Cody Rhodes talked about how Dusty Rhodes was as a father, how professional wrestling has helped with the grieving process with respect to his father's unexpected passing, and his reaction to a Daniel Bryan criticizing Dusty's commentary work in WCW.

According to Rhodes, the relationship between Dusty and Dustin Rhodes, also known as WWE's Goldust, made Dusty overdo it with parenting Cody.

"He wasn't on the road at all, at all. Yeah, he missed all of Dustin's childhood, essentially, being on the road. He missed none of mine, so it's so bizarre." Rhodes continued, "I think him and Dustin having to resolve things later in life, led him to make sure he overdid me as a dad."

Rhodes went on to say that Dusty was "absurdly good" as a father.

"He was an absurdly good father. [He] didn't miss anything. Nothing. He missed one wrestling match and it's the night he turned. On one of my amateur wrestling matches he misses, the night he turns to the nWo when he turned on Larry Zbyszko and I was also not smart to the industry, fully, so I was also very upset. Not only did he skip, but he's also part of the nWo."

Rhodes admitted that he is probably only in stage one of the grieving process over his father's passing and that independent wrestling is the one thing that has really helped him through a rather trying time in his life.

"If the grieving process is in those seven stages they talk about, I think there are seven stages, I'm probably still on step one. It happened unexpectedly." Rhodes added, "the best part of the grieving process, the best thing for me, has been f--king independent wrestling because there had been a couple of teary-eyed promos in the ring and I'm not delusional. I know there are fans who are like, 'come on, bud, get over it.' I know because they're not experiencing it. I know they're out there and I'm not trying to bang them over the head, but still, this is like, my spirit was broken by his death, how things were going at WWE, so to go out in the unlikeliest of places and find it again… where were we tonight? St. Paul [Minnesota]. St. Paul in a high school gym. To find him there when I can't find him anywhere else, it's the best thing on Earth. So if anything helps the process, it's literally going all over the globe and hearing about how much he meant to other people. That's cool. That helps."

Rhodes said he kisses the mat at every professional wrestling promotion now because it makes him feel closer to his late father.

"I've taken to kissing the mat at every promotion that I go to now. And it's not a pose. Sometimes it's longer than others because it's literally like it's so weird, like feeling him again and it's my favorite part of every night."

Rhodes recalled once stopping the car when Daniel Bryan went on about Dusty being a weak announcer in WCW.

"To me, a lot of people speak to me about Dusty objectively, and forget he's my dad. Daniel Bryan once just cut this 45-minute promo on how my dad was a terrible commentator in WCW and I literally pulled the car over and said, 'hey, dude, that's my dad. I don't give a s--t that he didn't know the move of Pscosis in this match' or whatever Dan was talking about."

To listen to the interview, click here. If you use any of the quotes that appear in this article, please credit The Art Of Wrestling with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Art Of Wrestling


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