Colt Cabana Talks Broken Matt Hardy Being Genius, Current Generation Wrestlers That Excel In Comedy

Colt Cabana talked with WhatCulture to promote the recently released Wrestling Road Diaries DVD. During the interview, he talked about Broken Matt Hardy, current generation names that excelled in comedy wrestling and more. Below are some highlights.

Broken Matt Hardy:

"He's a genius, he really is. And he's a guy who's been overshadowed by his brother for so long, it's so nice that he's the one they're talking about now. It's almost heartwarming: it's a great story."

Current generation names that excelled in comedy wrestling:

"Recently, I would say Santino Marella and Eric Young were great or are great. From my childhood, The Junkyard Dog, Jimmy Valiant and a lot of the stuff in Memphis. Even Jim Cornette, the guy who told me, 'Funny doesn't equal money,' the guy we based the title off of: he did some great comedy in his day."

Wrestling Road Diaries DVD:

"This third one, the theme is independent wrestling, but we then break it down into other themes, and the main one here is comedy in wrestling. In independent wrestling, we're our own bosses and nobody's telling us what we can and cannot do, and some of us love the idea of doing comedy in our wrestling style. I brought over two of the funniest people I know Kikutaro and Grado, who also travel the world as independent wrestlers and we dissected comedy in wrestling, which I think is something that's never been looked into as in-depth as it is in Wrestling Road Diaries Three."

Colt also talked about his relationship with Grado and Kikutaro, his wrestling heroes from the past and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: WhatCulture


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