Conor McGregor Receives Boxing License, Speculation On A Superfight Against Floyd Mayweather

California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster confirmed to that UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor was granted a boxing license in California on Wednesday.

Foster said, "He got a license today and a federal ID. He's a California boxer now. ... He's qualified [as a boxer]. I'd love to see him fight in California. It just needs to be the right opponent. Certainly a high-level opponent. We're happy to license him. We're happy he's a California fighter."

This comes just days after UFC stripped McGregor of his Featherweight Title and named Jose Aldo the new champion. McGregor has not responded publicly to that decision and it's being speculated that this could be McGregor's way of grandstanding in response.

There's also the obvious speculation of a Conor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. superfight, which has been teased for some time now. notes that there are no concrete plans for them to box each other at this time but FloCombat reports that talks between the two camps have been ongoing for almost a full year. They described the current state of the talks as optimistic. Conor has offered to box Mayweather in the past with a price tag of $100 million.

FOX Sports reports that Conor will also be applying for a boxing license in other states such as New York, Nevada and Texas.

damien demento contributed to this article.


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