Daniel Bryan On WWE Signing Nigel McGuinness, Tyler Breeze Talks WWE Being PG, Alexa Bliss Merch

- It was earlier noted that WWE had signed former Ring of Honor and TNA talent Nigel McGuinness as a co-host for the WWE U.K. Championship tournament. Daniel Bryan, who is a long-term friend of McGuinness, commented on the signing with the tweet below.

McGuinness also replied to Bryan's tweet:

- Tyler Breeze was interviewed by the Barrie Examiner ahead of WWE's upcoming show in Barrie Molson Center. During the interview, Breeze talked about WWE being a PG show.

"There's lots of excitement and it's great to go see with the entire family," Breeze said. "We're a PG product, whether you watch us at home or from the front row. Anybody can come and watch, from little kids to grandma and grandpa. It's also the value of how much entertainment you're going to get for your money. You get a whole night of entertainment," Breeze said. "The show has a little bit of everything. You're going to laugh; you're going to cheer; you're going to boo.There's a real mix of emotions for you but you're going to have a lot of fun and want to come back for the next event."

Tyler also said that being a wrestler was his dream. You can read the full interview here.

- WWE SmackDown Women's champion Alexa Bliss teased some new merchandise yesterday. She posted the following photo on her Twitter account, which was met with positive responses from the fans.

It was later revealed that Alexa now has a new t-Shirt at WWEShop.com, as you can see below. Also through the end of the day you can buy 1 t-shirt and get the second shirt for $5 at WWEShop.com. There is no code necessary, just use this link.


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