Demolition's Message To New Day On Potentially Breaking Their WWE Tag Title Record

On this week's episode of Raw, New Day will be going up against both Luke Gallows/Karl Anderson and Cesaro/Sheamus for the WWE Raw Tag Team titles. If New Day can win that match, they will end up holding the new all-time record for a single tag team reign in the WWE, surpassing Demolition's 478 day record. Demolition's run ended in 1989, when they lost their titles to the Brain Busters on Saturday Night's Main Event. Ax and Smash were recently asked what they thought of the New Day's amazing run.

"Well it is a New Day, I don't know either one of the gentlemen. I understand they are very, very competent young men. They're well accepted by the fans," said Ax. Smash then interjected, "I heard they're pretty good guys, to, ya know?"

Before going much further into the discussion Ax reminded everyone, "Well in the day, we didn't like good guys, but we'll just change our ways a little bit."

The final question to both men was, "If right now, if the New Day do break the record, and you two decide to go after that, what would you say to them?"

Ax, in a plain spoken manner responded, "Well, they better pack a lunch, because it's going to take a long, long, long- almost as many days to beat us, as it did to beat our record."

We'll find out this Monday in Philadelphia if New Day can indeed break Demolition's record.


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