Details On The Young Bucks Signing With ROH And NJPW, The Hardys Vs. The Bucks, TNA - ROH Note

The Young Bucks have signed a new two-year deal that will see them work both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling, similar to the schedule they've worked this year.

The deal will see the brothers receive a significant increase in pay from ROH and NJPW for 2017, then another increase in 2018. They will be allowed to maintain their own merchandise and will be able to give more creative input. The deals are exclusive to the US and Japanese markets but they are still able to work overseas dates that don't coincide with ROH or NJPW bookings. While exclusive to the US and Japan, the brothers will still be allowed to work for PWG in the US.

It was The Bucks who set the wheels in motion for Matt Hardy's video at Final Battle, which you can see below with a video of The Bucks signing their new deals. The Hardys vs. The Bucks is currently scheduled for April 1st in Lakeland, FL, the night before WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.

Regarding Matt's video that aired on pay-per-view this weekend which you can watch above, it was approved by TNA. Brandi Rhodes' appearance to introduce her husband Cody Rhodes was also approved by TNA.

Dave Meltzer notes that there is nothing to the rumors of The Bucks appearing on TNA TV for the upcoming Total Nonstop Deletion episode, and there's nothing on paper regarding anyone from ROH working for TNA but it's very interesting that the two promotions are cooperating.

Source: F4WOnline


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