Dolph Ziggler Talks Donald Trump & Politics, Eva Marie Reacts To Not Getting Booked (Video), Stock

- Above is a preview for Wednesday's Total Divas with Eva Marie finding out she's the only Total Diva not to be booked for live events. Eva talks to WWE VP of Talent Relations Mark Carrano, who calls Eva their "very special person." This was filmed several months ago, before her WWE Wellness Policy suspension, but Carrano goes on to tell Eva that they don't have a direction for her.

- WWE stock was up 0.08% today, closing at $18.95 per share. Today's high was $19.02 and the low was $18.61.

- As seen below, Dolph Ziggler tried to have a conversation about politics and President-elect Donald Trump on Twitter today but it didn't last long before Ziggler had to shut things down. Check out some of his replies below:


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