Drew Galloway Reveals His TNA Contract Is Expiring Soon; Talks Options, If He Has Spoken To Triple H

Former TNA World Champion Drew Galloway recently appeared on The Dirty Sheets Podcast and discussed his status with TNA. Galloway noted that his contract with TNA expires in mid-February, so the January television tapings will be his final TNA appearances under his current deal.


"We [Galloway and TNA] are talking and trying to figure things out," Galloway said. "I'd be lying if I said that there weren't some offers there that I really have to think about. I have to consider my future and my family's future. I am only 31, but [his recent injury] obviously gave me a little fright."

Galloway noted that he's happy with his relationship with TNA and being allowed to work for other companies, but he understands why some companies require exclusivity. He said that he knows what the right thing to do is, but he's got to figure out the details. Galloway was asked if he had spoken to "someone with three H's in his name."

"I can't say anybody I'm talking to," he said with a laugh. "Every company including TNA has done so much for me... we just have to speak and work things out so that it works out for everybody.


"I have spoken to some people but there's only so much you can speak about when you're under contract with certain people. I can't go into details beyond that. I hope things work out the way I'm wanting them to work out."

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