Former WWE Star Takes Down Armed Robber

According to TMZ, Coral Springs PD responded to an attempted armed robbery at a local convenient store, when a man - who appeared to be drunk - approached former WWE wrestler, Shad Gaspard.

The man said to Shad, "Hey man, buy me a beer," and Shad responded, "There's a better way to ask than that."

The suspect then pulled out his firearm. Shad quickly shoved the man against the cooler door, grabbed at the gun, which then fell to the ground. Shad tried to empty the gun's magazine and realized it had an air canister compartment and was just a BB gun.

Shad took down and held the man until police arrived to the scene. The suspect was booked for robbery with a weapon.

Currently, Shad is acting and still makes appearances at conventions with his tag team partner, JTG. Shad had said this year that Cryme Tyme is open for a return to the WWE, if the company wanted them back.

Source: TMZ


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