Jim Cornette Denies Santino Marella Claim, Will Ospreay Meets Matt Hardy, Colt Cabana Heel Theme

- Colt Cabana has new theme music which he used at last night's Ring of Honor Final Battle pay-per-view, where he faced his former tag team partner, Dalton Castle. You can hear the new theme above.

- During the RF Video shoot interview with Santino Marella, Santino had claimed that Jim Cornette called him after his retirement and said that he is glad that Santino got injured. Cornette was asked about the incident on Twitter yesterday and he denied making the call to Santino, writing:

- Will Ospreay met Broken Matt Hardy during the WCPW show earlier this week. An exclusive clip of the meeting was posted by the Twitter account of Ospreay's upcoming documentary, which you can watch below:


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