John Cena's Amazing Christmas Sweater (Photo), WWE Fury (Video), BOLA 2016 Added To PWG DVD Sale

- As seen above, WWE posed its latest "WWE Fury" video. This one is "17 extreme Xmas moments," which includes plenty of Santas getting beat up and trees getting knocked over.

- PWG is currently running a sale where fans can purchase five DVDs for $40, it is restricted to certain shows though, which you can see by clicking here. PWG also tweeted out that they added the entire 2016 Battle of Los Angeles show to the sale as a Christmas present to their fans. BOLA is typically one of the biggest and most popular shows that takes place over the course of three nights.

- A fan snapped a picture of John Cena's incredible Christmas sweater when the WWE Superstar sat next to them for breakfast. The tweet has blown up across social media with over 9,500 retweets.


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