John Cena Explains His Instagram Photos, Goldberg Qualifies For 2004 Royal Rumble (Video), 205 Live

- WWE posted the video above of Goldberg qualifying for the 2004 Royal Rumble by winning a battle royal on WWE RAW. The final three in the battle royal were Goldberg, Randy Orton and Mark Henry. After eliminating Henry, he press slammed Orton onto Ric Flair and Batista - who were outside of the ring - to win the match. Goldberg would go on to be eliminated from the 2004 Royal Rumble match after Brock Lesnar interfered and hit him with an F5, allowing Kurt Angle to eliminate Goldberg as he was recovering.

- The 205 Live theme, Hail the Crown, is now available on iTunes for $1.29 at this link.

- To promote John Cena hosting tonight's SNL on NBC, they posted the video below of John Cena explaining some of his Instagram posts in a very robotic voice. He noted that one of his posts of a sperm was because he was asked to post a selfie, so he posted an older one. He also said that he posted several karate images for a bit, "'cause why not?" He also said that he posted the album cover for Michaels P.S. Hayes' Off The Streets album because he wanted everyone to "realize the genius that is Michael P.S. Hayes."


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