John Cena Says Previous Comments On The Rock Were "Stupidest Stuff Ever", Praises Rock For Hollywood

Above is video from last night's Talking Smack with JBL and Renee Young talking to John Cena.

Regarding Cena's comments about The Rock being a "part-timer" a few years back, JBL asks Cena if he now considers himself to be in a similar role. Cena says he considers what he said back then to be the "stupidest stuff ever" as he was looking at it through "very blinded eyes."

Cena says he really wanted Rock to come back to WWE and he figured hitting him where it works would get Rock back, and Cena says it did work. Cena says he's apologized to The Rock in person and admits he was wrong, Rock was right.

Cena goes on to praise Rock as being the highest-paid actor in Hollywood, saying he's transcended the pro wrestling business. Cena believes anytime a Superstar can give what Rock has given to WWE and then transcend WWE, it's good for all of them.


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