Kevin Sullivan On Hulk Hogan Using Racial Slurs In The Past, Why WWE Shouldn't Bring Him Back

On this week's episode of MSL & Sullivan, available at and on iTunes, Kevin Sullivan explained to co-host Mister Saint Laurent why he feels WWE shouldn't bring back Hulk Hogan for WrestleMania 33.

"Here's the thing, and I don't give a sh*t what Hulk says, I know Hulk. I knew him when he was a guitar player at the Rocket Lounge in Tampa. I know this guy. This wasn't a one time only [incident], using the n-word. He said it to me a couple of times about who I was hanging out with back in the day. If they do bring him back, I think somebody is going to bring it up and say that wasn't the only time he used it, come on."

Sullivan noted that past revelations could affect Linda McMahon's role in President-elect Donald Trump's administration.

"They're a publicly traded company and Mrs. McMahon is now appointed by the president elect to the Small Business Administration. This is a chance for her to move up in the Republican party and certainly they don't want to offend the black vote in this country because believe it or not, Trump got more than they thought [he would], the percentage of black voters.

"I think it would hurt her and Vince being the great family man that he is, he isn't going to take a chance for another mistake with Hulk right now."

New episodes of MSL & Sullivan are released on and on iTunes every Friday morning. Featuring former WCW booker Kevin Sullivan and his protege former ROH announcer Mister Saint Laurent, the pair dissect the booking of modern pro wrestling as well offering a behind the scenes look at Kevin's tenure in WCW.


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