Lana's Finisher Name, Who Can Hang With The Rock In The Gym?, John Cena Vs. Kevin Owens (Video)

- As seen above, Kevin Owens (in his debut main roster match) took on John Cena at Elimination Chamber in 2015. This was a non-title match after Owens attacked the champion and stomped on Cena's US title.

- Lana was victorious yet again last night at NXT Winter Haven and was asked on Twitter what her finisher was going to be called. She responded with some ideas, but asked the fans to help pick a name.

- On his Instagram, The Rock posted a video from his interview with Sports Illustrated about who could hang with him in the gym. The Rock answered nobody, except for maybe American World Cup alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn. His cover photo can be seen by clicking here.


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