Lucha Underground On The El Rey Network
Season 3 Episode 16 “Battle of The Bulls”

Here is the synopsis for tonight’s show:
The tournament winner gets a shot against the winner between Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star; Drago’s fate is revealed.

The show begins with a video that serves as a prelude to tonight. In the video, Dario Cueto’s Battle of The Bulls concept and tournament results are shown. As well as Kobra Moon and her quest to enslave Drago. After he was kidnapped by members of her tribe in Vibora and Pindar. The video concludes with Sexy Star’s journey to a rematch for the title she lost to Johnny Mundo.

The show starts inside the Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro intro and hype tonight’s show. They preview the Battle of The Bulls final and The Lucha Underground Championship Cage Match between Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star.

Battle of The Bulls Tournament Final
Winner becomes the #1 contender to The Lucha Underground Championship
The Mack vs. Cage vs. Jeremiah Crane vs. PJ Black

This is an elimination style match. Contrary to the one fall to the finish stipulation in the other tournament matches. Cage’s power is on display early. He throws around his opponents . PJ Black uses his quickness to combat Cage’s power. He and Jeremiah Crane take down Cage and then knock down each other at the same time. The Mack ends up moonsaulting onto the both of them.

Mack then attempts to pin and eliminate Crane but he kicks out. Crane and Mack go at it and Jeremiah gets the better of him. He then turns his attention to Black and knocks him down with a springboard kick. Crane builds up some momentum and hits an unorthodox looking suicide dive on Black. The Mack and Cage join the party and dive onto them on the floor. PJ Black gets up and hits a moonsault off the ropes and onto Cage and Mack. He then attempts to run and leap off the ring apron, but Crane catches him in an electric chair position. He then proceeds to drop Black face first onto the ring apron.

Jeremiah Crane now attempts to leap off the ring apron himself. He gets caught in mid air by Cage. Who hoists him up into a delayed vertical suplex and then slams him down. Cage now attempts to suplex PJ Black into the ring. The Mack comes up from behind and lifts up Cage in the doomsday device. Black leaps off the top rope but Cage catches him in mid air and delivers a power slam. The Mack tries to catch Cage by surprise with a standing shooting star press but misses. Crane leaps into the ring, Cage catches him and power bombs him on top of The Mack. Cage then goes for the cover on Crane but he surprisingly kicks out.

Cage tries to power bomb Crane again. Crane counters into a chokehold. Cage readjusts and hits a swinging flatliner on Crane. PJ Black now tries to leap onto Cage but he gets caught, and Cage hits him with a destroyer suplex. Cage has all the momentum now but out comes his rival Texano. Texano gets on the apron and hits Cage square in the jaw with his bullrope. Cage is reeling and turns into a Crane kick to the jaw. The Mack hits the Stunner on Cage. This is followed up by PJ Black, who hits a springboard 450 splash on Cage and pins him.

PJ Black eliminates Cage by pinfall

We are now down to 3….. Back from the break. Jeremiah Crane has The Mack and PJ Black laid out in the ring corner. He then runs full speed and hits a foot stomp on the both of them. Crane then hits a hanging neckbreaker on PJ Black. Using the top rope to execute the move. He then covers PJ for a close fall.

Crane now tries to go in for the kill. He heads up to the top rope. The Mack tries to intercept him. Heads to the top and attempts a superplex. Crane fights out of it and attempts a top rope power bomb. Mack blocks it but ends up getting kicked in the head. Crane power bombs Mack and then transitions that into an ankle lock submission. PJ Black breaks it up by rolling Crane up for a close pinfall. All 3 men are reeling. Jeremiah Crane hits a double underhook piledriver called “Cranial Contusion” on PJ Black. Vampiro puts over the move on commentary. Talks about the late great Misawa and his use of the move in Japan…. PJ manages to roll out of the ring, after this move to prevent being beaten. The Mack and Crane now go at it and head to the top. They brawl up there. The Mack hits the Stunner on Jeremiah Crane from the top rope. He pins and eliminates Jeremiah Crane.

The Mack eliminates Jeremiah Crane by pinfall

Down to just The Mack and PJ Black now. Not long after the show returns from the break. PJ Black hits a jawbreaker on The Mack, but he bounces back up and hits the stunner on Black and pins him to win the match.

The Mack wins The Battle of The Bulls Tournament to become the #1 contender to The Lucha Underground Championship

We are now backstage at The Temple. Aerostar and Fenix are searching for their Trios partner Drago. They are in one of the bathrooms at The Temple. When Kobra Moon appears. She tells Fenix and Aerostar that Drago has come home to her tribe. Aerostar says that Drago made a vow a millennia ago, that he would never return to the tribe of reptilians. Kobra laughs at Aerostar. Tells him that Drago has been broken down, and now Pindar and Vibora will break them down. They appear behind Kobra Moon. A lengthy battle ensues…. Fenix and Aerostar try their best to battle Kobra and her tribe, but they get overpowered. Kobra Moon, Pindar and Vibora stand over the fallen Fenix and Aerostar. Kobra tells them that next time, Drago will be the one that leaves them for dead.

When the show returns from the break. Sexy Star is with The Mack backstage in the locker room. Sexy leaps into The Mack’s arms and congratulates him for winning The Battle of The Bulls. She says that she always believed in him. The Mack wishes Sexy good luck in beating Johnny Mundo to regain The Lucha Underground Championship. The Mack tells Sexy to not get mad when he takes the title away from her. As they leave the locker room together. A spider is shown crawling near Sexy Star. Harkening back to last week.

We are now in Dario Cueto’s office. Jeremiah Crane is meeting with him. Crane is demanding a match from Dario. Crane uses a chair in Dario’s office to climb up to the tiles in the ceiling. Dario questions what he is doing. Crane pulls out some type of large board. Tells Dario that he left it there as a kid….. Crane then leaves the office with the object and walks down the halls of the temple with it. Crane bumps into Catrina in the hallway. The object is revealed to be a ouija board. Jeremiah says to Catrina that they used to play with it together years ago. Catrina mocks Crane for still playing games. Jeremiah reveals that he just had a match made by Dario Cueto. Where he will face Mil Muertes next week. Crane refers to Mil as Pascual Mendoza. Says that he is going to make Mendoza wish that he had died. From the earthquake that Catrina saved him from……. Crane says that once he kills Muertes. He is then going to have Catrina to himself. Crane then walks through Catrina as the scene ends.

Back in The Temple for tonight’s main event.

Steel Cage Match For The Lucha Underground Championship
Johnny Mundo vs. Sexy Star

By order of Dario Cueto. Worldwide Underground has been banned from ringside. After Star gets the early advantage on Mundo. They then engage in a pose down.

Sexy Star continues to control the action. Both Mundo and Star end up attempting to escape the cage. Their attempts are shot down by each other. Mundo pulls Star off the cage but ends up getting hit with a hurricanrana. Star follows that up with a running drop kick.

Sexy once again attempts to escape the cage. Mundo is able to reach up and stop her. They then battle on top scaling the ropes. Star knocks down Mundo who lands groin first onto the top rope. She then uses Mundo’s back to try and vault over the cage.

Johnny Mundo is able to reach up with his right hand and grab Sexy’s leg. To prevent her from escaping. Mundo brings her back down into the ring and hits a backbreaker on Star. He then starts to beat down on Star and attempts to pin her but she kicks out. Mundo puts Star in a fireman’s carry and then rams her repeatedly into the steel cage. Johnny now tries to escape. Sexy recovers and power bombs Mundo off the top rope. She goes for the cover and gets a 2 count. He drops the leg on him and gets another 2 count. Star now starts to climb to the top of the cage. Mundo runs to catch up to her. Star knocks Mundo down to the mat. Rather than escape and win, She leaps off the cage and onto Mundo. She goes for the cover but Mundo kicks out at the last second.

Sexy again tries to climb the cage. Johnny chases her down and meets her on top of the cage. They then start trading strikes while sitting on the top of the steel cage. Mundo tries to climb over but his foot gets caught in the top of the steel structure. Star pulls him back in. They are both standing on the top rope. Johnny Mundo and Sexy Star start trading strikes again, but this time Mundo rips off Star’s mask. She falls to the mat and covers her face. As the fans in the temple boo. Mundo climbs over the cage and escapes to win the match.

Johnny Mundo defeats Sexy Star in a steel cage to retain The Lucha Underground Championship

Johnny Mundo celebrates his victory. He heads up the stairs with his title raised over his head. While Star stares at him in anger. Just then, The Mack arrives and hits a stunner on Mundo. The Mack grabs Mundo’s title and proclaims that he will be the next Lucha Underground Champion.

The final scene of the show takes place in Kobra Moon’s lair. Drago is chained to the wall near her throne. She enters and asks Drago if he is ready to call her his queen. Drago yells Never!…. Kobra says that she and her tribe are going to go eat. That she was going to let Drago gnaw on the bones. Drago says that he would rather starve. She laughs at Drago and tells him that sooner or later, A Dragon must eat. An angry Drago blows out a ball of fire as Kobra laughs in the background.