Lucha Underground Season 3 Episode 14 Recap (12/7): The 'Battle Of The Bulls', Dario Loses Control

Lucha Underground On The El Rey Network
Season 3 Episode 14 "The Bulls of Boyle Heights"

This week's show opens with a video highlights package. Setting the stage for what's to come tonight.

The opening scene of the show takes place in Dario Cueto's office. In walks Angelico. He tells Dario that he wants Mundo tonight. He doesn't care if it's for the Lucha Underground Championship or not. Dario says that he would love to book that match, but Mundo's lawyers are real sharks. They have a restraining order against Angelico. Angelico says that maybe, he should lawyer up too, considering that the Worldwide Underground violently attacked him twice. Angelico tells Dario that he is responsible because he didn't do a damn thing about it..... Dario tells Angelico that it isn't his fault, that everyone knows the dangers involved in the Temple. Angelico agrees and Dario attempts to shake his hand. Angelico grabs Dario, and says that when it is Dario's fault. He will give Cueto the "Fall of Angels" through his desk. After being threatened, Dario agrees to give Angelico a match against Mundo, but there's a catch. He must compete in the "Battle of The Bulls" tournament. The winner gets a Lucha Championship match against Mundo. Angelico agrees to the opportunity. Promises that Mundo is going to need an undertaker, rather than lawyers, after he is finished with him. Angelico leaves the office.... Dario smiles and calls him stupid.

We are now in the Temple. The house band is playing "This is Awesome" in Spanish. Matt Striker and Vampiro intro the show at ringside. They go over Dario Cueto's new "Battle of The Bulls" tournament concept... There will be 4 Fatal Four Way matches. Each of them being one fall to a finish. The winners of those 4 matches will go on to face each other in a final Fatal Four-Way match. That will be elimination style. The winner of that match will become the #1 contender to the Lucha Underground Championship.

Battle of The Bulls Tournament- 1st Round
Cage vs. Texano vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Joey Ryan

During the match introductions. Famous B grabs the mic to intro his client, Dr. Wagner Jr. Cage cuts him off in mid sentence and knocks him down from behind. Joey Ryan is in full sleaze mode here. Giving himself a baby oil shower prior to the match. Cage and Texano are currently in a best of 5 series. Where Cage leads 2 to 1. They have both been promised an "ultimate opportunity" by Dario Cueto. Neither man was in Aztec Warfare III. So this is their best shot at getting a world championship match. They are still unaware of what Cueto's opportunity actually is, and they are probably not going to be too happy when they find out.

Unique match here with contrasting styles from all 4 competitors. Texano grabs his bullrope from ringside and whips Cage early on. Striker calls Texan's rope a "sandpaper snake". There are no dq's in these matches. Texano then leaps onto Ryan and Wagner at ringside.

Cage follows suit and goes to the air himself and moonsaults on everyone at ringside.

All 4 men end up brawling on the outside for a while. The pace of the match slows down considerably. Dr. Wagner Jr. is the first man up and begins to build momentum. He goes after his long time rival Texano. Ends up giving him a cutter off the top rope. Wagner goes after Ryan now. Hits a samoan drop on him. Joey Ryan battles back and hits two very impressive moves on Texano and Wagner Jr. A cradle suplex, followed by a spinebuster. Goes for a cover but Cage breaks it up. "The Machine" over powers Ryan and takes him to the top rope. Ryan counters Cage and hits a swinging neck breaker off the top rope. Honky Tonk Man style.... This nets Ryan a close fall on Cage.

Texano, Ryan and Wagner battle to the top rope. Cage follows them and ends up displaying his great power by performing the tower of doom slam on all of them, off the top rope.

Cage is up first after that big fall. Famous B gets on the apron and grabs Cage. He gets thrown in the ring by The "Machine". Cage lifts B and Wagner up at the same time and hits a fall away slam on them. The pace picks up now. Joey Ryan superkicks Cage while Texano has him up in the air. Wagner spears Ryan, Texano then goes after Wagner and hits several strikes on him. Texano then powerbombs Ryan. Covers him but Cage breaks up the count. He hits Texano with his own bullrope. He then covers Ryan and steals the victory.

Cage defeats Joey Ryan, Texano & Dr. Wagner Jr. to advance in the Battle of The Bulls tournament

When the show returns from the break. Former LU champion Sexy Star is in Dario Cueto's office. Dario tells her that he respects and likes her as a fighter. Says that they have a lot in common. Since they both have had troubled pasts.... Cueto offers Sexy a unique opportunity tonight. That she doesn't have to compete in the battle of the bulls to get her title back. That instead, she will face PJ Black. Whom he labels as the only "gringo" that Star hasn't faced 1 on 1 from Worldwide Underground. If Star beats Black, She will get a rematch with Mundo for The Lucha Underground Championship. Sexy is pleased with Dario's decision and calls it "music to her ears". Dario says that if Sexy beats PJ Black. Her rematch with Mundo will be in a steel cage. There is a catch though. If Sexy loses to PJ, She will never get another world championship match. Before leaving, Sexy tells Cueto that he may have escaped his troubled past, but if he is not careful, he will have a very troubled future.

The camera pans out of the Temple and heads to LAPD Headquarters. Agent Reyes (Cortez Castro) is in his captain's office. He reveals that the undercover operation is over, because Dario knows that he is a "rat". That his cover is blown. Captain Vasquez says that Castro has to go back and go in deeper undercover at the Temple. She gives Agent Reyes a mask, and says that he will return to the Temple, as a whole new man.

Sexy Star vs. PJ Black

The story of this match is how Sexy is more aggressive than usual. On a mission to get her LU Title back. Sexy is one step ahead of PJ early on. Black resorts to dirty tactics to gain the advantage. Then takes to the air. Star battles back and hits a hurancanrana on PJ. She attempts a tilt a whirl head scissors. Black catches her in mid air and suplexes her face first. He then proceeds to stomp on and step on Star's head, and attempts to take her mask off. PJ starts clowning around with Sexy. Puts her in a pendulum swing and swings her head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Rocking back and forth while doing this. Black continues to control the match. He ends up hitting a brainbuster on Sexy. Follows that up with a springboard moonsault. PJ Black starts showboating. He heads to the top rope. Sexy has recovered. She goes after PJ and starts hitting him with several strikes. She hits a Rana on him off the top, but PJ rolls through on the mat. Transitions it into what Striker calls a "Styles will Clash" move. This leads to a near fall. Black is now frustrated. Sexy battles back, hits Black with several strikes and follows that up with a spike DDT.

Jack Evans has arrived on the scene. He throws a baseball bat into the ring. He then ends up holding Star on the apron. Black goes to superkick Sexy but she moves out of the way, and Evans eats the kick. Sexy rolls up Black with a sunset flip and pins him.

Sexy Star defeats PJ Black by pinfall

By virtue of this victory. Star has earned a LU title match against Johnny Mundo. Matt Striker on commentary is unaware of Cueto's deal with Sexy. So he suggests that maybe she will have to face the winner of The Battle of The Bulls tournament.

A vignette airs with Kobra Moon giving the history behind her tribe. Kobra is sitting on a throne in the shape of a cobra. While two figures are bowing before her. Kobra talks about how her tribe had 3 generals, who were defeated in the Great War. They were defeated because one of their 3 generals deserted them. That 2 of the figures kneeling before her, are the 2 remaining generals who survived. They both rise before their "queen". Both are in dragon/serpent type masks. Kobra says that she wants these 2 generals to bring to her, the man who was once a dragon. To bring back the man who deserted their tribe.

Back from the break, Dario Cueto is in the bowels of the temple. He is with his brother Matanza. Who is locked up in his cell. Dario says that this is Matanza's last chance to be in the battle of the bulls tournament. Matanza yells "Rey". Dario says that he will give Rey Mysterio Jr. to Matanza in the future. He tells him that his protégé Dragon Azteca Jr. is back, and that he will be in the tournament tonight. Dario tries to give his brother a lesson of what happens when you are blinded by revenge. How Azteca Jr. had his arm broken and nearly had his career ended as a result of it. Matanza reaches out to Dario from the bars. Dario says that he hopes that Matanza is smart enough to not make the same mistake. Matanza rams Cueto's head into the steel bars and knocks him out. Matanza reaches for Dario's key to attempt to escape. As the show returns to the Temple.

Battle Of The Bulls Tournament- 1st Round
The Mack vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs. Mil Muertes

Chaotic and shorter than usual Lucha Underground main event. Mil Muertes dominates the early going. Taking out all 3 men. The Mack and Marty end up teaming together against Mil. They also take down Azteca. The double teaming of Mack and Marty backfires when Mack accidentally hits Martinez with a high knee. The Mack and Azteca now go at it one on one. Azteca Jr. hits a beautiful leaping ddt on The Mack.

Muertes is back in the ring and he spears Azteca with the "Reapers Trident". Marty and The Mack each take turns going after Muertes with mixed results. The Mack and Azteca end up on the outside of the ring. Muertes tosses Marty to the apron and then ends up spearing him through the ropes, and onto Mack and Azteca on the outside.

Muertes and Azteca are back up first and head to the ring. Muertes knocks down Dragon Azteca with a straight right hand. In comes the Mack, He hits a stunner on Muertes, Marty is in and then hits a cutter on Muertes. All 3 of Mil's opponents focus their attention on him. Their allegiance doesn't last long. Azteca ends up knocking both Mack and Moth to the outside with kicks. Mil is back up, grabs Azteca and goes for a power bomb. Azteca counters it and hits a rana on Muertes. That sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Azteca heads to the top and hits a 450 splash on Mil. Rather than covering Mil, He goes for another aerial move. Out comes..... The Monster Matanza Cueto. He goes right after Azteca. Powerbombs him off the top rope and onto Muertes. Matanza then hits the Wrath of The Gods on Dragon Azteca. Dario has arrived at ringside now. He has a towel covered in blood over his face. Cueto is holding up the key, and is calling to Matanza to return to him. Matanza actually leaves and follows Cueto to the back.

Meanwhile, back in the ring. The Mack hits a stunner on Marty and pins him to win the match.

The Mack defeats Marty Martinez, Mil Muertes & Dragon Azteca Jr. to advance in The Battle of The Bulls tournament

The show ends with The Mack celebrating his victory.


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