Madusa On Which WWE Star Hurt Her With Comments About Her Trashing WWE Women's Title

Recently on WWE Network's Legends With JBL, WWE Hall Of Famer, Alundra Blayze, also known as Madusa, discussed a number of topics including her catalytic role in the Monday Night Wars and Mick Foley apologizing to her over negative comments he made.

Madusa binning the WWE Women's Championship live on WCW Monday Nitro in December 1995 is often regarded as the first shot fired in the professional wrestling Monday Night Wars. According to the former Dangerous Alliance member, WCW head Eric Bischoff called her shortly after she was released by WWE and pitched the idea of throwing the title in the trash.

"It was just so raw that I don't know how he found out so quick and I was actually sitting on the toilet. I got a call from Eric Bischoff, 'Duse, what are you doing?' I said, 'you don't want to know.' And he said, 'well, is he interested?' I said, 'what, to come work? Yeah, what've you got?' He said, 'well, I heard you're still champion. Do you still have that belt?' I said, 'yeah, I still have Vince's belt. Why?' 'Why don't you show up on Monday Night Nitro next week and don't say anything. But we're going to have you cut a promo. Can you throw it in the trash?' I'm like, 'what? Are you kidding me? Well, just so I get it back, Eric, because that's not mine. I need to return it to Vince.' 'Oh, absolutely, Duse. Yeah, absolutely.' I said, 'I need to get that belt back. I will get in trouble.' I was so scared, 'I'll get in trouble.' 'Sure,' I said, 'okay.' I didn't even think anything of it, and, ostensibly, what he was doing was to fire at Vince to get back at him, to make a statement, to make a rise, and it worked!"

Madusa continued, "he didn't know what was going to happen. He didn't know it was going to be the start of the Monday Night Wars. So yeah. And, unfortunately, that is probably one of the biggest defining moments of my career. Yep."

Although Madusa appeared deflated by the notion that tossing the title in the trash is a career highlight, she acknowledged that she would not take it back even if she could. 

"Honestly, probably not. I mean, because, I didn't go in it with the intention of knowing it would be bad. I went in there to survive."

Also during the interview, Madusa divulged that Mick Foley talking trash about her throwing out the title really hurt her. The former WCW Cruiserweight Champion went on to say that Foley apologized recently for the disparaging comments he made those many years ago.  

"A lot of wrestlers, they were drinking the Kool-Aid and just followed the whole thing, saying I was a piece of crap, 'how could she do that? She ruined women's wrestling. She disrespected us and she's nothing but trash. And she should jump in the trash along with that belt.' And a lot of wrestlers went on WWE and said that and I'll tell you the name. You want a name? I'm going to give you this name. So it just really hurt because this guy and me went way back. And I couldn't believe he was drinking the Kool-Aid. He admitted, he's the one who said it. He's the one that said he drank the Kool-Aid. And he really apologized, 'I'm sorry, Madusa. I was running on everyone's bandwagon saying it was bad when it wasn't.' Mick Foley. Mick Foley was a big man when he came up to me and apologized just recently and it took 20-something years. And I said, 'wow.' And he said, 'I just want to tell you that I've respected you from day one and you're one of the best.' And blah, blah, blah. And just, he goes, 'I'm sorry I drank the Kool-Aid.'"

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