Mahabali Shera Tells Scary Airport Story, Talks Broken Matt Hardy, Working With Veterans

TNA superstar Mahabali Shera was interviewed by Sportskeeda recently. Shera talked about Broken Matt Hardy, working with veterans and more. You can read some highlights below.

Scary airport experience:


"During the entirety of my youth, I never stepped out of town, so stepping out of my country was a daunting task. So, let me tell you about this incident that happened at the airport in New York. Had a flight from New York to Nashville, and I was carrying all my papers and necessary documents with me. So, after the security check, I was told by this officer to follow him to this room in the basement, where there were already a bunch of Indians sitting around. So, the officer there asks me about my purpose of visit, so I tell him that I'm going to Nashville to join TNA. So, the guy asks me my wrestling name, and immediately checks it on TNA's official website. He says that the roster on the website doesn't feature me, so I told him to check on Ring Ka King's page, wherein he finds me and then allows me to leave. Boy was I scared!"


On Broken Matt Hardy:

You know a wrestler should keep on trying different things for with his character. Experimenting with stuff eventually ends with you creating something unique. I like Matt's character. I think it's fun and unique.

Possibility of joining the Broken "Bandwagon":

"Oh yes, I would love to. As I said before, my fans want me to turn into a badass, so maybe that could help."

Working with veterans:

"I've worked with almost everyone on this roster, James Storm, Al Snow, Bobby Roode (now in NXT), Matt and Jeff Hardy, such great guys. Learnt so much from them, because I just had a year's experience in the squared circle. The thing is everything that I'm doing here is for my fans, and for my country, so getting to work with such veterans of the ring helped me get the experience I needed to hone my craft, and also helped me in improving my self-confidence."

Shera also talked about starting out in the business, working with Grado and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Sportskeeda