Matt Hardy On Possibly Being In WWE Hall Of Fame, Negative TNA News, Tonight Being A New Beginning

The For the Win section of USA Today has an interview with Matt Hardy. In the interview Matt talked about TNA's recent problems, the possibility of being in the WWE Hall of Fame and more. You can read some highlights below.

TNA's issues and Matt Hardy being the one thing to break through:

"I feel like the broken universe and my broken brilliance have really stood out in Impact Wrestling and kept it alive when there has been so much negative news. And going forward, after this match, I am willing to infuse my broken brilliance even more in Impact Wrestling. The new majority owner that has come aboard, Anthem Sports, are the people who have allowed me to do this entire show the entire two hours from my compound, Total Nonstop Deletion.

"I think this will be a new beginning and not just something where people say it's a new beginning. I actually do think it will be a new beginning. A lot of things from the old Impact Wrestling are going to change. It's something that was needed. In 2017, there will be a fresh start and they will help take Impact Wrestling into a new direction not only where it can thrive, but where it can realize its full potential."

Possibly being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

"Anything is possible. My contract is up toward the end of February. Right now, if all things work out and I get my way, I want to play a bigger part and be instrumental in helping Impact Wrestling reach its fullest potential. That is the most paramount thing to me and all important. The Hall of Fame and this Meekmahan stuff, that is not something that is vital to me. If it happens later on, it happens."

Hardy also talks about his bucket list, his recent appearance at ROH Final Battle and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: USA Today


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