Matt Jackson Talks New Day, Visiting The Hardy Compound, Greatest ROH Tag Team

During the recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Matt Jackson discussed a wide variety of topics such as the record breaking run of New Day, possibility of a WWE move and more. Below are some highlights.


Possibility of facing New Day:

"It all depends on how one man perceives you. We could've just been more fodder for them. Or we could've gotten a big program out of it. Who knows, and we'll never know. I do know that I'd love to one day work with them, and I know many people would as well. They're so talented and I'm sure we'd have great chemistry."

Visiting the Hardy compound:

"We plan to visit the Hardy Compound this year. The Hardys-Bucks needs to happen on a large stage. It's one of the last money matches left."

Greatest tag team in Ring of Honor:

"Without question, they [The Briscoe Brothers] are the greatest team in ROH history. They've continuously reinvented themselves. Somehow, they're just as over as they've ever been. Man, they're so good. So real. People will always love them."


How 2016 was:

"2016 was the most money we've ever made in wrestling," said Matt. "We feel like we had the most quality matches we've ever had in our careers, and we did a lot to push both The Elite and Young Bucks brand. Our 'Being The Elite' series is getting more popular. We feel like we've gotten more eyeballs on Ring of Honor and New Japan."

Matt also talked about being proud of their performance this year, working matches and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Sports Illustrated