More Details On Alberto Del Rio Backstage Fight And How It Started, Video Of Del Rio Before Fight

As noted, Alberto Del Rio was involved in a backstage fight with Lucha wrestler Alan Xtreme (Rafy of Ninja Turtles) last weekend at Arena Naucalpan in Mexico.

Rafy spoke with +LuchaTV about the incident, which you can listen to in Spanish in the video above. @SweetWrestle , Erik Acosta and Yelissa sent us transcriptions of the interview, and noted that Rafy said that the incident happened when he crashed into Paige when he was walking down the stairs.

"I was walking down the stairs, I crashed with Paige and I let her pass and said, pasale hermosa (you go ahead, beautiful)," Rafy said. "I didn't touch her, but Alberto said to me that calling her beautiful was disrespectful."

Rafy said that he told Del Rio that he wasn't being disrespectful, and Del Rio took off his mask. Rafy went into the locker room, where the fight took place. Rafy said that his face was never disfigured and he was never knocked out. After the fight, Del Rio calmed down and they apologized to each other. Rafy noted that he only called Paige "beautiful" and never touched her, despite Del Rio's tweet the following day. Rafy called the incident a misunderstanding, and said that they are friends and their relationship is all right.

Rafy said that he will never file a lawsuit, and admitted that he may share some of the blame because of his choice of words. He said the he got some bruises, but everything is OK now because they have talked and apologized to each other.

You can check out video of Del Rio and Paige backstage at Arena Naucalpan shortly before the fight in the video below:

Source: Más Lucha TV


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