Nick Jackson On Signing With WWE, Kenny Omega Helping NJPW In United States, More

Young Bucks was interviewed by Justin Barrasso for the Extra Mustard section of Sports Illustrated recently. During the interview, Nick Jackson talked about the possibility of signing with WWE, Kenny Omega and more. Below are some highlights:


Not signing with WWE:

"The schedule was perfect for us and the family and we still have rights to sell the Young Buck brand, as well as a lot of freedom. We also have a lot of input in what we do, and that is priceless. We love ROH and NJPW and they also gave us a very healthy raise. We're as happy as can be. If fans are disappointed that we didn't sign with WWE, I understand why?but family comes first and I hope they can understand that. But to WWE fans, well, never say never."

Kenny Omega helping NJPW:

"If he [Kenny Omega] wins, it will help NJPW penetrate the USA market like they want. So it's not only good for him, but it's also good for the company if he wins. Kenny main-eventing is a huge step in the right direction. But I'll say this, Kenny Omega will go down as the greatest foreign wrestler ever in Japan."


Why they did not attend Total Non-Stop Deletion:

"We would've loved to have been on 'Total Nonstop Deletion,' but we were in Japan when they filmed it. This feud is just an organic, natural thing. Our career paths are very similar and we always get compared to them. It's the one feud we've always wanted and I am happy that it's happening."

Nick also talked about Ladder wars, Briscoes and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Sports Illustrated