Noam Dar Talks Being Excited For WrestleMania, His WWE Debut, What He Misses Most About Home

The Scottish Sun has an interview with WWE superstar Noam Dar where he talks about what he misses about home, making his debut and much more. Below are some highlights from the interview.

What he misses about home:

"I'm based over in Orlando at the moment which is a big difference from Ayr. I've managed to settle in pretty well. Other than my family and friends, I've managed to be relatively okay but what I'm really missing is my SkyBet and putting on football accumulators every week. Going into the bookies and obviously I'm not allowed to use the SkyBet app over here because it's illegal in the state of Florida. So that's the hardest thing, not being able to put on 10 teams for a fiver on a Saturday and watching the coupon go down the drain. That's probably the biggest culture difference. But the schedule has been fun really, it still really excites me.

His WWE debut in Glasgow:

"I had a few ideas on how I would debut and how I would start off here. But at Monday Night Raw in your hometown at the Hydro was the perfect scenario. It's still hard to come to terms with that moment."

Wanting to make a mark on WrestleMania:

"That's something that is a possibility but I'm taking things week to week . Even though WrestleMania is only a few months away it is a lifetime in WWE and there's a lot of work to be done between now and then. But with 205 Live coming in and being on Raw, there are so many opportunities for us and that's only going to lead to other opportunities. I'm super excited not just to be around WrestleMania as an employee but actually be in amongst the city that's hosting it and get that WrestleMania buzz."

He also talked about the 205 live show and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Scottish Sun


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