Noam Dar Talks Missing WWE Call Because He Was Playing FIFA, Finn Balor, WWE Being Different

The Metro has an interview with WWE superstar Noam Dar where Dar talks about his relationship with Finn Balor, missing call from William Regal and more. Below are some highlights.

His friendship with Finn Balor:

"He's been a huge influence on me. When we first met we got on well not just because of wrestling, and that has stayed consistent. His professional influence has come through because of our personal friendship. He's a fantastic human being, and now we're almost neighbors. It's funny how things work out."

How WWE is different from the independent scene:

"In WWE it's so different and I'm so devoted to learning as much as I can and there is just so much to learn. It's not just in ring, but in everything that goes on, so I get to the venue and see how much production goes behind setting up TV every single week. Every week I'm picking up new things from so many knowledgeable people here."

Missing call from William Regal:

"My first point of contact came out of the blue. William Regal phoned me in January and I actually missed the initial call because I was playing FIFA. Luckily I paused the game, but only because I was losing 2-0 and needed an excuse to get out of the game! I phoned back and here we are."

Dar also talked about being proud of Insane championship wrestling, and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Metro