Ric Flair On What Job He Considered Before Wrestling, Pro Athlete Who Disappointed Him, More

Recently on The Ric Flair Show, the two-time WWE Hall Of Famer conducted a Q&A session. During the podcast, Flair divulged what occupation he considered aside from professional wrestling and which professional sports legend was the only person to disappoint 'The Nature Boy' when meeting.

According to Flair, he thought about becoming a dentist prior to embarking on a career in professional wrestling.  

"Believe it or not, at one time, I wanted to be a dentist. Yeah. Yeah, I don't know. It's just something that caught me. My dad was a doctor and I had to have braces and all this stuff everybody goes through. I just thought it was an interesting profession and all. Obviously, I didn't have the academics. I mean, that career choice changed after my first advanced chemistry class."

Also, Flair shared that the only celebrity he was disappointed in meeting was professional basketball great Earvin 'Magic' Johnson.

"The only guy that I've met that I was disappointed [with] was 'Magic' Johnson. He just acted like he barely knew me, which is fine. That was his prerogative. Otherwise, but when I think about it, the fact that I've had drinks with Wilt Chamberlain in Honolulu [Hawaii]. Then I think to myself, ''Magic' Johnson? Lets get serious.' I've been out with Joe Namath, Jim Kelly, Lawrence Taylor, Charles Barkley, speaking of basketball, I mean, 'Magic' pales in comparison, in my opinion. Great player, but that was just my impression. I'm sure he is a wonderful guy, but he wasn't wonderful to me, so I don't go out of my way to say 'hi' to him. I will tell you who is a great guy, and I mean, really great guy, is Dr. J. Nobody bigger than him, ever."

Check out the podcast here. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit The Ric Flair Show with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: The Ric Flair Show


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