Ring Of Honor TV Recap (12/6): Jay Lethal, The Briscoes & Silas Young Vs. MCMG, Jay White & Lio Rush

Ring Of Honor TV
Episode #272

- This is the final set of tapings that took place in Baltimore Maryland, prior to the Final Battle PPV. The general focus on this taping was for some of the undercard feuds and storylines. In a way, It's kind of like SNL's cut for time sketches..... The tapings that took place after Final Battle, should start airing this coming weekend.

- The PPV was very eventful with a quite a few surprises. The Young Bucks have released a highlight from this past weekend's tapings. Looks like "Broken" Matt Hardy sent "Vanguard1" to the tapings to track The Bucks down. The Bucks also made news by resigning with ROH and New Japan.

- This past week's ROH episode aired in syndication, Comet TV and The FITE TV app Monday night. Kevin Kelly and ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness were on commentary.

Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu (The Tempura Boyz) vs. Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara w/Joey "Diesel" Daddiego

Joey Daddiego joined the broadcast team for this one. He has been training Ferrara and Cheeseburger. On commentary, He brags that he has brought Cheesburger's weight up to 132. Typical ROH Tag match on this show. At times alternating between a tornado style and a standard tag match. Fast paced action between all 4 men. This was the dark match at Final Battle where Cheesburger and Ferrara defeated The Tempura Boyz. The result was the opposite here, The finish sees Sho & Yo hit Cheeseburger with a trapped arm package piledriver/superkick combo move for the victory.

The Tempura Boyz defeated Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara

After the match. Donovan Dijak makes his way to the ring with his manager Prince Nana. Nana barks orders at Dijak and tells him to attack all 4 men. Tells him to start ending careers. Donovan grabs Ferrara and hits two straight choke slam/back breakers on him. Daddiego comes into the ring to defend his trainees. He then challenges Dijak to an impromptu match.

Donovan Dijak vs. Joey Daddiego

Prince Nana continues to yell at Dijak and bark orders at him during this match. The two have been teasing dissension for quite some time.... Joey Daddiego puts up a bit of a fight early on here, but it doesn't last long. Dijak hits his "Feast Your Eyes" finish on Daddiego and pins him.

Donovan Dijak defeats Joey Daddiego by pinfall

Prince Nana walks off frustrated after the match. Selling that he is disappointed with Dijak's lack of a killer instinct. A very unique way to split a manager/wrestler tandem. Dijak has split with him, turned face and teamed with the Guns at the ppv. Nana has promised to get his own group of guys after Dijak and company.

- An ROH Recap video airs narrated by Ian Riccaboni. The recap focuses on The Cabinet's transformation to The Rebellion. The second part of the video focuses on the on-going Kevin Sullivan-Steve Corino storyline.

- It's worth noting that Steve Corino makes an appearance on this show but not on commentary. He is leaving ROH to join the WWE and just recently had his last match with the company. So I am not so sure where the whole Sullivan/Whitmer faction or storyline will go from here.

Hanson & Rowe (The War Machine) vs. "Punishment" Damian Martinez & BJ Whitmer w/Kevin Sullivan

Another ROH tag match where the rules are very loosely followed. Just an all out brawl in this one. Several minutes of it with tables being set up on the outside. The ending sequence sees Whitmer knock down referee Paul Turner intentionally. He calls for the bell. Martinez choke slams Raymond Rowe through a table. Hanson is then double teamed by Whitmer and Martinez. Kevin Sullivan enters the ring. The 'Prince of Darkness' leans over Hanson and talks to him as if he is Steve Corino. Sullivan talks about Corino being his son, and being taken to the matches as a kid. Sullivan calls out Corino. Steve comes out. Sullivan then instructs Corino and orders his disciples to leave the ring. Corino stares down Hanson but doesn't attack him, and that ends another strange chapter in this story.

The War Machine defeats Punishment Martinez and BJ Whitmer by disqualification

- Cody Rhodes has had an eventful past week. He defeated Jay Lethal by turning on ROH and it's fans. He was also involved in Steve Corino's farewell to Ring Of Honor. Which should air on ROH TV soon.

Ring Of Honor TV Main Event

Jay Lethal, The Briscoes & 'The Last Real Man' Silas Young vs. The Motor City Machine Guns, Jay White & Lio Rush

Everyone takes part in adhering to the Code of Honor handshake, except for of course, Silas Young. Jay Lethal and Lio Rush have a great aerial exchange to start off this match. Lio Rush actually wins the early exchange with several strikes on Lethal, and then follows it up with an over the top rope plancha. All 8 men get involved now. Jay Briscoe leaps onto Rush. Mark goes after Jay White and takes him down. The Guns take out the Briscoes with kicks, and Silas Young ends the chaotic sequence with a leap onto Shelley and Sabin.

The show goes to break and when it returns, 6 men are battling on the outside. Trash cans and streamers are actually included in the outside brawling. Mark Briscoe actually runs away from the chaos and joins the broadcast team briefly. Before heading back to his corner of the ring. Meanwhile, Lethal and Rush are back inside the ring. Lio gains the advantage, His partners are back in the ring. All 4 of them hitting a running basement dropkick on Lethal simultaneously.

Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness spend a considerable amount of time putting over ROH as an overall company during and after this match. Nigel and Kelly take some shots at the competition. Nigel says that ROH is the innovators in the industry and that everyone else tries to imitate and follow the standard, that they have set. Kelly calls ROH the leaders in wrestling excellence. Interesting statements by both men, rarely do you see commentators spend this much time during a main event, putting over an entire company. It seemed somewhat out of place..... The match continues... The Guns, White and Rush are in complete control. They isolate Lethal in their corner and take turns hitting tandem moves on him. They actually drape Jay Lethal over the ropes and hit a 4 man assisted double foot stomp on him.

After a few minutes, Jay Lethal is able to battle back and get to his corner. By grabbing Rush and carrying him over to his side. Silas Young and The Briscoes tag in and out, roughing up Lio Rush in their corner.... The Rebellion are now at ringside watching this match. They are trying to recruit members to their faction.... The announcers sell on commentary that Jay Lethal is their top target to join them.

The show returns from break and Jay Lethal is trying to finish off Lio Rush. Goes for the Lethal Injection, Rush escapes but gets hit with a spinebuster. Jay goes for the cover but the Guns break up the pin attempt. Rush kicks his way out of Lethal's grasp and tags in Jay White. White fires up and hits multiple uppercuts on Lethal and company. White then hits a missile dropkick from the top on Lethal. Goes for the cover but the Briscoes break the count. All 8 men are involved now. The Guns, White and Rush take to the air and fly onto The Briscoes and Young. Lethal is left alone in the ring and the Guns and White hit several tandem moves on him. Jay White finishes off the sequence by hitting a Urinagi on Lethal, and then tagging in Rush. The Guns and White fly to the outside of the ring with suicide dives onto The Briscoes and Silas Young.... Rush goes for a frog splash on Lethal, but Jay lifts his knees up and attempts to roll up Rush for the victory. Lio kicks out at 2 and 3 quarters. Jay then hits the Lethal Combination on Rush and then heads to the top rope. Signals for the "Hail to the King" but Jay White pushes him off the top rope.

Jay White tags himself in. Goes after Lethal. Mark Briscoe gets a blind tag and is in. Choas ensues with all 8 men in the ring hitting a flurry of offense. Frantic finish to this match. The Guns trap Mark in the ring. Hit several tandem moves on him in rapid fashion. This sets up Jay White hitting "The Kiwi Crusher" on Mark Briscoe and pinning him.

Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Jay White & Lio Rush defeat Jay Lethal, Silas Young, Jay & Mark Briscoe

The winning team celebrates in the ring. Kevin Kelly closes the show by doing a hard sell on Ring Of Honor. How the company is ahead of the curve and presents the best wrestling. How the future is bright for the company.


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