ROH Star Granted Release, WWE Star In DDP Alarm Clock Video, Wrestlers Headlining Film Premiere

- The latest DDP alarm clock video features RAW General Manager Mick Foley and Mr. Socko. It's a fun video, you can check it out in the video above and you can get the DDP alarm clock for free on iOS and Android.

- Independent films Sickness and A Man Possessed premiere this Saturday, December 3rd in Philadelphia as official selections of the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival's Emerging Artists Series. In Sickness former WWE / TNA wrestling star Katarina Waters, f.k.a. Latie Lea Burchill and Winter, leads an ensemble cast as a woman thrust into insanity by this deadly sickness of sorts which causes her to go from a happy go lucky woman into a bloodthirsty monster. You can purchase tickets for Sickness here. In A Man Possessed, in his very first lead role, Tommy Dreamer plays a veteran police detective who's on top of his game family life wise, but who can't quite put his finger on the culprit in a strange case where a trail of blood is left repeatedly. Tickets for A Man Possessed are available at this link.

- Veda Scott announced on Twitter today that she asked for her release from ROH, which was granted. She wrote:


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