Tomorrow on podcast episode #222 Lucha Underground’s Son of Havoc (Matt Cross) joins The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling. In this except Cross talks about Rey Mysterio’s impact on Lucha Underground and how he has well surpassed the perceived image of a main event performer coming into a new promotion. He also shares a very funny story about meeting Rey Mysterio as a fan all the way back in 2000 at the long defunct WCW Nitro Grill in Las Vegas. The full episode will be available for download tomorrow on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Spreaker, Player FM, Tune In Radio or by visiting our OFFICIAL web site

What Rey Mysterio has meant to Lucha Underground in and out of the ring:

“Just seeing Rey Mysterio vs. Prince Puma from last year’s Ultima Lucha it was one of the best matches that I have ever seen live and just to know what it meant to Prince Puma as my friend it was really special and cool and to know that Rey Mysterio was willing to do what he did for this project because he could have just gone on cruise control and done the greatest hits but he was doing stuff that he hadn’t done in years if ever. He just remains that inspiration in the ring to be doing what he is doing and outside to treat everyone of us how he does, he is so cool that he sets such a good example for us younger guys and that is what we always wanted to be and even now that is what we still want to be.”

“He goes out of his way to be cool and to be nice and it is just….he’s done what he’s done, he’s made his money and it’s like he could show up and just kind of cash in and there is no sense of that and that is what is amazing about him. To be so approachable and again so cool. It’s been an honor to be like in a six man tag with him where I got to get in the ring with him and work with him in which was this big accomplishment.”

Meeting Rey Mysterio at WCW’s Nitro Grill as a fan:

“Back in 2000 my buddies and I drove to Las Vegas and there was a (WCW) Nitro Grill inside of the Excalibur. I remember my buddies and I just kind of floating from one casino to casino and we see WHOA, WCW has a restaurant? So we go into the WCW restaurant and it has guy’s outfits and memorabilia and when we sit down to eat it wasn’t particularly busy and we look over and there is Konnan and Rey Mysterio eating. ECW was what got me into wrestling so I was familiar with Rey Mysterio’s stuff just even there with him and Juventud Guerrera having the craziest matches. Even in retrospect it is even funnier because there was no sense of we shouldn’t bug them or that they were eating or about to. It was OH MY GOD it’s Rey Mysterio and I went right over to them. They were so nice and so cool and it is (still) insane.”

“They were cool then and I have the autographs somewhere that I can dig up from that day and here we are sixteen years later and I’m getting the chance to work with them it is just pretty amazing. “

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