Sound Off Reactions On If Kevin Owens Or Roman Reigns Should Win At Roadblock: End Of The Line

Yesterday we asked you who should win tonight at Roadblock: End of the Line, Roman Reigns or Kevin Owens? With over 150 comments, here are some thoughts that trended throughout the comments.

1) Owens should win - Plenty of different opinion from you guys, but the loudest was that Owens should win on Sunday night. It would not only provide more credibility to title, but would allow Owens to have a title feud against Chris Jericho. Jericho has been one of the highlights of Raw for months, and him going after the title is something a good chunk of you want to see. It would be an added plus if Owens could win clean against Roman, as unlikely as that is.

2) Owens, the bad champion - It might be fair to say Owens is better as a challenger than a champion after the sour run he's had. His reign has not yielded very many memorable moments, outside of anything that he's done with Chris Jericho. Even though many of you voiced this complaint, you weren't exactly big on Reigns taking the title away from him, so it's a bit of a "lesser evil" decision.

3) Neither - We've basically seen Reigns as champion in his current state, so unless he turned heel, nobody really wanted to see him get the win. As just mentioned, Owens hasn't been much better, so many of you didn't really care if he won either. Some felt there would be a DQ finish, and this entire show is just going to be filler to get us to Royal Rumble.

4) Creatively destroyed - Remember when Kevin Owens stomped on John Cena's U.S. title? Everyone pretty much lost their mind at the confidence and viciousness Owens had when he jumped to the main roster (and from his time in NXT). Now, he's basically turned to being a chicken champion, hiding behind his best friend, and at times, being Jericho's sidekick, yet Owens is the champion! If WWE wanted to turn things around, here is where they could do it by having him beat Reigns clean and punch Jericho right in his stupid idiot face when he shows up post-match.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see who gets the big win tonight. For now, here are some of the top comments:

Living Death:

"Tough call. If they have KO lose, they put him in a really silly position where he's had a terrible title run and he's just devalued the title. It also puts Roman in a worse position with the fans. I don't think it'll hurt Roman to lose, but he won't be booked to lose when he's been so dominant in the feud...KO needs the win, but it'll finish with a DQ or some sort of shenanigans."

The Enforcer:

"They made Owens a lame duck champion, and still push Roman as the next Cena despite being rejected by virtually the entire fan base. I actually say Roman should win and hopefully the thunderous boos will finally get through to Vince that Roman is not meant to be a good guy, but I doubt it."

Dr.Gonzo: Gonz-illa Monsoon

"Like people have said, if they had him as the same character he was in NXT he would be a much better champion. But because of the atrocious booking, they've turned their top champion into a sidekick. I initially didn't agree with his big push out of the gate, but the dude won me over as far as not disliking and hating on the guy. While I'm not a huge Owens mark, his initial run impressed me enough to enjoy his character and work."


"WWE have focused too much on comedy and a stupid list than making KO a legit heel, he came in as the best heel in the company kicking Cena's a--, but since then his "creative booking" has been terrible, these chicken heels are boring now. Have KO win then let him be that great heel he is."


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